How Content Creator & Business Owner Justin Tse Gets Creative with Microsoft 365

My name is Justin Tse. I am a 23-year-old online content creator and entrepreneur based out of Victoria BC, CEO of a media company, Co-Owner of a clothing brand, and a former Business Student. I will be talking about my experience with Microsoft 365 subscription (available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Chromebook) including Word, Excel, PowerPoint’s new features, and how it has been a crucial part of my professional and creative workflow.  With 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage included in the subscription, we are easily able to access and edit all documents across multiple platforms as a team workspace.


Beginning with Microsoft Word, this is a program I have been familiar throughout my education – fromexperimenting with fonts and learning to type, to the evolution of spelling & grammar check, it has always been a helpful tool in helping me grow my business. The transition to a Microsoft 365 subscription has been a game changer for myself and my business. The intuitive interface and seamless compatibility has made Word my chosen app for important documents and collaborative moments with my team. The wide variety of themes and designs allow me to maintain a professional and creative format, while the built-in review functions ensure any written piece is well perfected. As a business owner, my team and I also use Word to review and edit contracts, suggest collaborative edits, write terms and conditions for the website, and produce custom invoices for our clients.  Everything revolves around Word nd the Microsoft 365 subscription has made it easier to use and collaborate with my team. We couldan’t work without it.


Microsoft PowerPoint has also been a big part of my life and career. As a content creator, my team and I regularly create visually engaging and informing slide presentations, and the addition of impactful images and animations are always a top priority to impress prospective clients.  From creating simple informative presentations, to the more visually complex and statistics heavy projects, PowerPoint’s new presentation features help my business stand out.  With an extensive database of visual elements within Microsoft 365’s PowerPoint, you can quickly and efficiently complete the story you are trying to tell. The QuickStarter feature helps you transform a blank presentation into an outline and theme in just seconds. 3D objects and embedded animations also help take the slides to the next level.  Presenter Coach also makes it easy to prep for a pitch or meeting when you are not in the same room as your team. Once you complete a rehearsal run, a Rehearsal Report provides excellent guidance on speaking pace (I often speak too fast!), time summary, and commonly used filler words.  All useful tools for creating a beautiful presentation and powerful statement.


Lastly, Microsoft Excel is an app that I have become much more familiar with in recent years as an entrepreneur. From utilizing it to manage financial data, inventory, and project expense tracking, it is clearly one of the most universally reliant tools for small business owners like myself. As the co-owner of the clothing brand, Microsoft 365’s Excel spreadsheets are used to manage sizes and inventory, colours and options, production, wholesale, and retail prices, all interconnected to run a business and monitor margins effectively. Moreover, Excel has been used to manage the upcoming media company office loft in the planning stages of a major renovation. Excel spreadsheets have been crucial in controlling costs, adjusting priorities, and tracking credit accounts for the accounting firm to compile for company expenses and financial statements.

Microsoft’s 365 suite (formerly Office 365) of premium apps are ones that my team and I use on an everyday basis. The seamless continuity between smartphone, computer, and web platforms and team collaboration capabilities offer flexibility to use any program from the suite effectively, no matter where myself or the team is located. New intelligent features such as the database of visual elements and Presenter Coach expand on an already familiar platform that I grew up learning while pushing it towards the future of education and business productivity software.  Lastly, with the cloud based subscription options and storage, it is both versatile, cross-platform compatible, and most importantly, will always ensure you have the latest and greatest features from Microsoft.

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By Justin Tse

June 30, 2020