Hit the Road Again: Business Travel Essentials

Travel restrictions are slowly starting to lift across the country, and with that comes the return of business travel.

If you’re looking ahead to an upcoming business trip, be prepared with the following based on the travel requirements of both your arriving and returning destinations:

  • The ArriveCAN app — a mandatory platform for digitally submitting your contact and quarantine information prior to travel to and from Canada.

  • Vaccine documentation (a paper or digital copy will suffice)

  • A quarantine plan (this may require a hotel booking)

  • Negative COVID-19 test results

  • A mask (plus a few extra)

Beyond the necessities, consider these tips for maintaining peace of mind and productivity while on the road.

Healthy Boundaries

COVID restrictions (or lack thereof) will look different depending on where you go. Your best bet: Do your research ahead of time so you know what to expect and how to manage your approach.

For example, if mask mandates are no longer in place where you’re headed, is that something you’re comfortable with? If not, continue to wear one.

When you meet in-person with business associates, how will you greet them? Handshake or elbow bump?

Pay attention to the cues and comfort levels of those around you and define your threshold for situations that may still feel out of the norm. Most importantly, have patience for yourself and others as everyone continues to navigate uncharted waters.

Remote-friendly Tech

At this point, many of us likely have our on-the-go essentials covered: a laptop, hotspot, wireless mouse, chargers. It never hurts to up your tech game though — especially when throwing the chaos of pandemic travel into the mix.

Case in point, a quality pair of noise-cancelling earbuds or over-ear headphones. It’s harder to get distracted (and irritated) by surrounding passengers on your flight when you can’t hear them.

Here are some other accessories that would complement your business travel experience:

Additionally, consider applying a privacy filter to your laptop screen in case you need to update sensitive documents while out and about. On the security front, it also wouldn’t hurt to explore personal hotspot devices or plans through your mobile carrier, so you’re always connected and protected no matter where you work.

Plans for Leisure

If you continue to work remotely (and plan to for the foreseeable future), build some rest and relaxation into your business trips. With a flight to your destination booked, you could prolong your stay over a long weekend and use it as a mini-vacation.

Or, stay even longer and work remotely from a long-term vacation rental. Channel your inner “digital nomad” and make the most of travel you have to do with travel you want to do.

By Staples Canada

August 25, 2021