Health and Safety Tips for Your Office Reopening

For some teams, working remotely works. Teams are happy and the impact on everyday operations is minimal. Counter this with things like Zoom fatigue and the blurring of lines between work and home, and there are also arguments to be made for the benefits of office life.

However, as many companies work to develop office reopening plans, the health and safety of staff is a top concern. To channel any sense of normalcy and productivity in the workplace, employees need to feel at ease with the procedures put in place.

If you’re currently talking through the logistics involved in bringing your staff back into the office, be mindful of these health and safety tips.

Pay Attention to Guidelines on Both a Local and National Level

Health and safety is provincially regulated so while it’s important to remain cognizant of guidelines set at a national level, you should also be aware of those specific to your community.

Here are a handful of resources to reference for reopening plans in your area:

●     Newfoundland and Labrador

●     Alberta

●     Manitoba

●     Quebec

●     Prince Edward Island

●     Ontario

●     New Brunswick

●     Saskatchewan

●     Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Stock the Right Supplies

There are certain supplies you’ll want to have on hand in the office at all times. Keep high demand and potential delays along the supply chain in mind when placing orders.

From thermometers to masks, you can find more information on personal protective equipment to invest in through the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Additionally, it’s important to pay attention to nuances—like the distinction between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting—when placing supply orders. Cleaning, for example, is a term for products that remove dust and dirt from surfaces while disinfectants destroy bacteria and viruses.

Communicate Your Health and Safety Procedures with Customers

If you’re reopening a customer-facing business, you’ll also need to plan and communicate accordingly with those coming in and out of your workplace. Transparency in your approach creates a more comfortable shopping experience for everyone involved.

Our Covid-19 Resource Centre is your one-stop shop for safety products and communication materials. From basic signage and name badges to customizable floor decals and counter partitions, find what you need to outfit your store or office accordingly.

Train Staff Accordingly

Beyond following all of the necessary guidelines and securing the right supplies, how your employees feel should factor in greatly to reopening plans. Have an open and honest conversation with your staff to see where their heads are at. Mental support is important.

Be thorough in outlining the precautions your business is taking and what they can expect from leadership moving forward. Teams should also be trained on any new procedures put in place and be encouraged to raise the red flag on violations or moments of discomfort immediately.

By Staples Canada

June 19, 2020

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