Head start for teachers heading back to class

While the students of the world are still enjoying summer weather and their leisure hours, there’s a vast contingent of people who are already busy on schoolwork.

Those folks are the teachers, who are prepping for the important year ahead and planning new ways to inspire and engage young minds.

“We know teachers often struggle to find creative ways to outfit their classrooms. Creating an environment that encourages learning is no easy task,” says Staples.ca spokesperson Alessandra Saccal. “Helping set up our educators for success is part of who we are as a business. We’ve pulled together a wide range of products from common essentials to things that will help teachers – and their students -- think outside the box. From custom-made agendas to easy ways to file student projects, textbooks and tests, Staples Canada has a wide variety of specialty products just for teachers.”

To help teachers make the most of their time and money, and to reward them for their own investment in their classrooms, Staples.ca offers great prices on supplies– including the standards like paper, pens and binders to the things that will liven up a classroom or make a concept or lesson come alive for kids. Further, though, Staples has a Teacher Appreciation program that offers money-saving coupons, exclusive AIR MILES rewards, events and even chances to win monthly prizes.

Staples is also a one-stop shop for services teachers need such as printing and copying.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the mix, though, is the wide range of those essential but sometimes hard to find tools of the trade --  Teacher’s Planners, custom stamps, labels and posters, reward bookmarks, personalized name tags and finished materials, and so much more. Imagine a child doing a great job on an assignment with no equivalent of a gold star to offer – in some respects, the extras really are the essentials.

Meanwhile, Staples can provide the basis for classroom discussions about community building. Staples Canada, Me to We and Acco have joined forces to create a socially conscious line of school supplies. With every purchase, a tangible, life-changing gift is given to a child in need through Me to We’s charitable partner, Free the Children. From lunches to clean water, every product’s impact helps break down the barriers to education.

The lesson here? Staples supports teachers in their role as not just educators but also inspirers of young minds. Please visit staples.ca/teachers to take part.

By Tracy Nesdoly

July 09, 2015