Gobble, Gobble! Try this fun and easy turkey craft on Thanksgiving weekend.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food and relaxation — and if you’ve got kids, it’s a great opportunity to make some colourful fall crafts. Here’s an adorable construction paper turkey project that makes a super cute holiday decoration. Your kids will have a blast, and you’ll end up with a sweet keepsake.

Grab some craft supplies and get ready to say, “gobble, gobble!” this Thanksgiving weekend — it’s time to make some festive turkeys.

What you’ll need:


Start by printing out a simple template like this one. Next, have your kids carefully cut out all the shapes.

Help your kids use the template to trace out each element of the bird on pieces of construction paper. You’ll need at least ten of the feather shapes to make your turkey as shown. Your kids can use a traditional brown, red, yellow and orange colour palette or get creative with brighter hues. A pink or blue turkey might not be traditional, but we bet your kids will love it!

Once all the pieces have been cut out in construction paper, assemble your turkey so it looks like the image below. Use glue to hold the pieces together, remembering to glue from the back of the paper and not the front. Liquid glue works, but a glue stick is easy and creates less mess!

All that’s left to do now is add some googly eyes and let your craft project dry. Voila! It’s turkey time.

thanksgiving blog image

Have Fun This Thanksgiving

While we hope these instructions are helpful, what matters is that your kids have fun making this craft. So, if they use green and purple paper and get glue everywhere, remember that it’s all about having a good time. Their laughter and enjoyment are the true reward!

Display your kid’s Thanksgiving turkey with pride by taping it to the fridge, leaning it against some decorative gourds on a table or gluing it to a terracotta pot full of fall leaves. You can even tape your construction paper turkey to the front door with a welcome message. Your kids might want to give their new turkey friend a name or add funny accessories like a bow tie or a paper hat. What turkey wouldn’t want to get dressed up for the holidays? Happy Thanksgiving.

By Staples Canada

September 16, 2021