Gift Ideas for The Pen Lover

Quick: Ask someone if you can borrow a pen. If there’s a noticeable pause, and then they hand over a beautifully weighted rollerball or a silky-smooth gel pen, chances are you’re dealing with a true Pen Lover.

How do you make a positive ID?

Pen Lovers are incredibly easy to spot right now because — although their numbers are in decline as more Canadians convert to emails and Zoom catch-ups — they’re busily writing and mailing their beautifully handwritten letters, notes and cards in order to stay in touch.

What is their natural habitat?

They are searching the internet for the latest and greatest in pens, ordering small-run releases of their favourite pen from faraway lands. Or find them in any Staples pen or notebook aisle, bookstores, antique paper shows, stationery boutiques, or on park benches chronicling their day in a bullet journal.

NOTE: Pen Lover subspecies include Graphite Groupies (pencil collectors), Notebook Nerds and Highlighter Hobbyists.

Is there data?

According to a recent NeoLab Convergence Inc. survey of 1,000 US professionals, nearly 75 percent preferred taking notes with pen and paper versus digitally. A full 95 percent said they retain information better when they write it down manually. So, once you get to know them, you learn that every Pen Lover has a preferred tool. Some are devotees of a specific type of pen design, particular gel consistency, ballpoint width, or precise shade of black ink. Others are committed to one individual pen and are on a relentless quest to collect enough refill cartridges to keep their writing implement of choice going for another year. With such a passion for pens (and their accoutrements), one could assume that the Pen Lover is easy to buy for when it comes to holidays, birthdays, or just Tuesdays, but here are a few suggestions to please even the most discerning Pen Lover:

Quality, quality, quality: If you expect your gift to be something they’ll cherish, remember that they have already seen it all and can distinguish between a cheap imitation or the real thing. Consider a fine writing pen from Sheaffer, Parker or Cross to enhance their collection.

A Classic LBN: Moleskine, the little black notebook of Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, now comes in all colours and sizes, hardcover or softcover, pages lined or like a blank canvas, and is ideal for any Pen Lover to jot down their ideas, thoughts or plans for the future.

Keep it Organized: With all the pens and accessories, organization is the key to an enjoyable collection. Consider stylish desk organizers from brands including Tru Red or Poppin to help your pen pal stay streamlined.

Brighten it Up: A natural extension, highlighters offer more than you might think — bright, mild, pastel, erasable, chisel or ultra-fine, there truly is something for everyone.

Hard Copy: Calendars and planners help make goals realities. Encourage them to write it down and make their dreams come true!

By Staples Canada

March 30, 2021