Gift Ideas for The Pen Lover

Quick: Ask your friend/colleague/classmate if you can borrow a pen. If there’s a noticeable pause, and then they hand over a beautifully weighted rollerball, or a silky-smooth gel pen, chances are you’re dealing with a Pen Lover.

Pen Lovers are very (very!) attached to their writing instruments, so 1, do be careful with that pen and return it immediately, and 2, read on for ideas on how to give the Pen Lover in your life a holiday gift they’ll be dying to write home about!

How to ID them:

Pen Lovers are incredibly easy to spot right now because — although their numbers are in decline as more Canadians convert to e-greetings — they’re busily mailing their beautifully handwritten holiday cards this time of year. Give them a gift, and you’ll most likely receive a heartfelt thank-you note in the New Year.

Natural Habitat:

Staples pen or notebook aisle, bookstores, antique paper shows, overseas stationery boutiques, park benches chronicling their day in a bullet journal.

Note: Pen Lover subspecies include Graphite Groupies (pencil collectors), Notebook Nerds and Highlighter Hobbyists.


According to a recent industry survey of 1,000 US professionals, nearly 75 percent preferred taking notes with pen and paper versus digitally. A full 95 percent said they retain information better when they write it down manually.


Every Pen Lover has a preferred tool. Some are devotees of a certain type of pen design, particular gel consistency, ballpoint width, or precise shade of black ink. Others are committed to one individual pen, and are on a relentless quest to collect enough refill cartridges to keep their BFF going for another year.

That said, Pen Lovers are avid hunter-gatherers, with a strong drive to stockpile their favoured writing tools while trying new ones. They also collect notebooks, pads, notecards, journals and sticky notes.

Great gift ideas:

Pen Lovers are sensualists and aesthetes, so invest in the best-quality writing instruments and paper goods. (Yes, they’ll notice you splurged!) Here are five gifts they’ll love:

  • Moleskin notebooks: The classic LBN (little black notebook) of Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso.

  • Fine Writing Pen: Gift them a Forever Pen from Parker, Cross, Sheaffer or another premium brand.

  • Highlighters: Bright, mild, pastel, erasable, chisel or ultra-fine: there’s more to this category that meets the eye!

  • Desk organizers: To keep their essentials accessible and organized.

  • Calendars and Planners: Hard copy or it didn’t (or won’t!) happen.

By Staples Canada

November 12, 2019