Gift Ideas for the Artsy Crafter

Let’s take a bejewelled look at The Artsy Crafter and what makes them tick.

Artsy Crafters are dedicated makers who can spend hours lost in the process of self-expression whether they’re paper-cutting, knitting, handcrafting jewelry or soap, or transforming trash into a found-object treasure. Some Artsy Crafters share their gift with a select group of friends and family, while others morph into Side Hustlers, selling or bartering their creations at festivals, markets or online.

How to ID them:

These creative free spirits love to get dirty and are super-easy to recognize, thanks to the glitter in their hair, ink permanently smudged onto their fingertips, or their paint-stained shirt sleeves.

While some Artsy Crafters aren’t identified until mid-to-late adulthood, others show their colours early in life, when toddler paintbrushes cannot be pried from their hands, no matter how many freeze-dried apple slices are offered.

Natural Habitat:

YouTube, Etsy, craft fairs, garage workshops, co-work maker spaces, a cluttered dining table or kitchen counter, stitching circles at the local café.


According to the Association for Creative Industries, crafting is a $36 billion US industry. The largest percentage of creators are millennials in the 18-34 age group.


Many Artsy Crafters set a hard stop between their work life and crafting pastime, but others are able to earn a living from their passion. Regardless, typical creator goals include carving out work space and storage, and for Artsy Crafter/Side Hustlers, business solutions to grow their side gig.

Great gift ideas:

Artsy Crafters appreciate anything that can help them work their magic, from storage and supplies, to organization tools and travel solutions (got to get to that maker’s market, right?!). Here are five gifts they’ll love:

  • Marker sets: From write-on-anything Sharpies to fine-point artist colours, pro-grade markers are always on-point.

  • Organizers: Upright sorters, stacking trays, wall-mount pockets, incline files and other organizers cut clutter and organize supplies.

  • Craft Kits: Nurture up-and-coming Artsy Crafters with ready-to-go kits with all the supplies needed to start a quilt, whip up bath bombs, or more.

  • Laptop: An inexpensive second laptop lets next-stage Artsy Crafters keep their office job and side hustle organized separately.

By Staples Canada

April 27, 2021