Get Outside! 18 Games Using Sidewalk Chalk

As the weather warms up, grab your sidewalk chalk and head outside for hours of fun. Try one of these 18 Crayola games for some education and all-day entertainment.

Relay Race

Create a relay-race course for you and your friends with obstacles and twists and turns to keep it interesting using sidewalk chalk on a large piece of pavement!


Just like handball (so if you don’t have a paddle, you can use your hand), all you need is your chalk to draw a court, and a wall to bounce a ball off of. Play against yourself, or with someone else and keep score.

Obstacle Course

Using nothing but chalk on the pavement you can create an obstacle course drawing lines to balance on, circles to jump into and paths to follow.


Draw your own kickball field and run the bases for the win.


Start with a shooting circle (6-feet in diameter) and a smaller inner circle in the middle. Each player has four marbles and places one in the middle and used the other three as shooters. The aim of the game? Shoot the other player’s marble out of the circle.


Draw a shuffleboard court and use long sticks as cues and rocks as discs. Try to get your disc into the triangle at either end of the board to score points.

Word Game

Looking to learn synonyms? Use this game to build your vocabulary and have fun!

Ring Toss

You can create your own rings with short pieces of rope, and draw your targets on pavement using sidewalk chalk.

Use a plastic container with a few rocks in it as the can, draw a large circle with a rest area square off to one side, and a jail square off to the other side. Choose one player as the seeker who stands about 10 feet from the can (which is at the centre of the circle). The other players try to sneak in and kick the can before they can be tagged by the seeker and put in “jail”. 

Capture the Flag

Using sidewalk chalk, draw out your playing area (a very, very large rectangle). At each end place a “jail” in one corner and a flag in the other. The goal? For the opposing team to make it all the way across your playing field and over to your flag.

Broom Hockey

Create a broom hockey field on pavement using sidewalk chalk. Use a ball and brooms to play — the goal to be getting the ball into the opponent’s “net”.


Even if you don’t have a croquet set you can play! Use sidewalk chalk to draw out your wickets, use tennis balls and brooms as mallets and croquet balls, and work your way through the course.


Just like BINGO but giant-sized! Draw our your BIGGO board on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk and start calling numbers!

Bean Bag Toss

Don’t have a bean bag? Fill socks with pebbles and tie the ends. Then use your brand new bean bags to hit the targets you’ve made on the sidewalk.


You can make your own horseshoes (24 hours before you want to play) using Crayola Model Magic. Once you have your horseshoes, draw the two pits quite a distance from each other and try to get your horseshoe in the centre.


In a t-shape, draw hopscotch (numbers 1 though 9) and use a rock to throw into one of the numbers. Start before one and hop through the numbers, avoiding the one with the rock on it.

Disc Golf

Create your own “golf course” marking holes with chalk on pavement. Then, grab a flying disc, stone or bean bag and try to get a hole in one.

Amazing Mazes

Create your own mazes by drawing shapes and stumping your friends!

By Crayola

May 26, 2020