Fun Kids Craft Idea: Make A Popsicle Stick Snowman

Holiday crafts are a great way to pass the time and keep kids busy on a cold winter’s afternoon. They can be fun for the whole family or something that keeps kids entertained on their own. These artsy activities also make an excellent holiday decoration or gift from your children to their grandparents. So, do you wanna build a snowman?

Here’s a great winter craft activity parents can easily do with kids at home. Teachers, take note—this is an awesome classroom activity as well!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Wooden craft sticks like these ones, these jumbo sticks or these larger curved sticks

Small colourful pom poms (the more festive, the better)

You can also get creative and add buttons, pipe cleaners or glitter to the mix. Please be advised that while festive and fun, glitter is extremely messy material that should be used only for the most patient of crafty parents. If you don’t want to be finding sparkles all over your kitchen for the next three months, stick with pom poms.

Now, here’s how to make that snowman!


  1. First, lay out all your materials. If you have young kids, it helps to put out only what you’ll need—for example, one craft stick per snowman, two googly eyes, etc. Smocks will help younger kids stay clean!

  2. Coat your craft stick(s) in a thin layer of white paint and place them on top of some newspaper or other material to dry. It won’t take long!

  3. Take a piece of brown construction paper and cut out a pair of twig-like arms. If you prefer to use a pipe cleaner for the arms, go for it. These are just guidelines, so feel free to get extra creative with your snowman.

  4. Take a piece of red construction paper and cut out a hat (triangle) and scarf (two rounded rectangles). Again, feel free to change up the colours however you want. Or, add stripes or polka dots.

  5. Take a piece of orange construction paper and cut out a carrot nose.

  6. Once your snowman is dry, add the arms using glue. Remember to attach them on the back of the wooden craft stick, not the front.

  7. Add the scarf, hat and nose using glue.

  8. Next, add two googly eyes. Things should be getting very cute now!

  9. Attach a small pouf of cotton to the tip of the hat. You can also add a line of cotton to the base of the hat (see image).

  10. Finish the snowman with pom pom buttons and any additional artistic touches you want. Don’t forget to give him a name!

This is a great craft to make with preschoolers or school-aged kids over the holiday season. It can also be turned into a cute holiday ornament by adding a loop of twine or ribbon behind the snowman’s hat. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect—a hilarious holiday snowman with three eyes or a nose on his belly might end up being the best one of all. Happy holidays!

By Staples Canada

December 07, 2021