From Corporate to Home Office: Maintaining Efficiency in the Workplace

Efficiency is always top of mind when it comes to matters of the workplace. But as a new year unfolds, this proves especially true. There’s been time to reflect, new goals have been set, and the promise of a clean slate seemingly opens your eyes to the productivity possibilities (and pitfalls) of your surroundings.

Whether you work at home, in cubicles, or have a designated desk at a coworking space, there are a number of simple considerations to keep in mind when optimizing your workplace for focus.

Invest in Quality Seating (or Standing)

If you’re spending roughly 8 hours or more sitting while you work, there’s no reason support shouldn’t remain a top priority. Failing to do so doesn’t just leave you sore in the short term — it can have a lasting effect on posture and spinal alignment.

Invest in a quality, ergonomic chair. Alternatively, it might also be worth exploring the benefits of a standing desk. Beyond reducing the strain on your lower back, going the route of standing while you work has shown to help lower the risk of heart disease and help burn more calories.

Believe in the Power of Breaks

People often confuse efficiency with how hard you work, when in fact, efficiency is more a measure of your ability to work smarter. It’s about maximizing the potential of the time you’re given to produce the best possible results.

With this in mind, powering nonstop through a laundry list of to-dos may not always work in your favor. Instead, embrace the power of breaks to help in improving concentration. Schedule 15-minute intervals throughout the day where you can temporarily disconnect from the task at hand and practice mindfulness.

Tidy Up

While the more creative mind may claim to thrive in clutter and chaos, keeping your space simplified and organized is usually a surefire way to boost productivity. Simply speaking, when everything has a place, you’re less likely to waste time searching for the tools and/or information you need to get a job done.

Organization can also translate to how you track to-dos and prioritize as well. Explore bullet journaling for those looking to make a habit out of effective time management.

Personalize the Decor

Decor may be the last thing you think of when it comes to workplace productivity, but there’s something to be said for the ability of office design to inspire.

Select a handful of photos and motivational quotes to frame and hang throughout your workspace. Bring in a bit of green with some succulents or other easy-to-care-for foliage. Personalize your surroundings with pieces that speak to you, and spark your ability to problem-solve creatively.

Staying Productive in the Workplace

Achieving productivity in the workplace shouldn’t require any massive habitual overhaul. With some minor mindset adjustments and a bit of organization, you’ll find yourself well on your way to working with both focus and purpose.

By Andrew Patricio

February 11, 2019