Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

Are you looking for economical ways to boost your brand and put your business on the map? If you are, irrespective of your business or profession, a website can provide you with the means to succeed. A website can help generate business, promote your brand, boost goodwill among clients and prospects, and help you deliver compelling messages, no matter how big or small your business is. In fact, having a website today is critical for almost every industry, as even small local producers, contractors, service providers, and consultants are looked up online. And, if you don’t have a web presence, you’re going to lose out on plenty of customers.

Similarly, websites are no longer used for the sole purpose of selling products. Consumers see websites as the face of a business, an opportunity to learn more about a company, and its ethics. Moreover, a strategically designed website allows your business to persuade clients to choose your products and services.

To help you see just how useful a professional website is to your business, Staples Powered by Webware, has broken down the advantages of having a business website.

1. Saves money in the long run

While the initial costs of building a website may seem high, it is much lower than traditional marketing options like TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine advertisements. With a website presence, you can leverage search engines (like Google) to target the audience looking for a business that does what you do within your locality. It also helps you substantiate your social media posts as people can link back to your website to verify your information. Besides, websites offer you the opportunity to collect information about your visitors, unlike any other marketing tool.

2. Boosts business credibility

A website gives you the liberty to tell your story, so your clients can get to know you. By blogging about topics that matter to your clients on your website, you can help them address issues they may be facing. The primary reason people access the internet is to find information to solve problems or make their lives easier. Your blogs can provide valuable content that helps your clients. With information and solution-rich blogs on your website, you can quickly draw the right crowd towards your business and establish yourself as an industry leader.

3. Offers customers accessibility

Unlike brick-and-mortar offices or stores that close after business hours and are shut on holidays, websites are accessible 24/7 and all through the year. This round-the-clock presence allows existing clients and prospects to sign up for services or buy products at any time and on any day. Some websites even have interactive chat features that provide automated assistance so visitors can obtain the help they need while you’re not around.

4. Widens the market

While an offline presence can be restricting and expensive to expand, the cost of growing online is almost zero. Websites are accessible anywhere in the world with the help of the internet - and with billions of people online, you’re chances of growing your customer base are much higher online than they are offline.

5. Control over your brand

With a website, you have a medium where you can publish what you want about your brand, products, services, promotions, and business. You get to explain your products and services the way you like and as creatively as possible. There are no character limits or restrictions on your ideas. Also, as you control your website, you get to decide what it showcases to people and when.

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By Staples Canada

November 14, 2019