Fancy Yourself a Coder? Here Are The 6 Top Skills You Need.

Have you always an interest in coding? Well, it’s not all just about numbers and science. You need some basic skills to help you stick to your future hobby.

Some of these are basic and skills you need to help you across your life in general, while others are going to be the long-term characteristics you will strive for alongside your work. But they are all important to us, and hopefully to you.

Here are the top six skills that we believe every coder needs.


Coding isn’t an area where you can easily just plug in a solution right away. Every situation will have its unique features which means that the code you’ve used in the past may not fit the exact parameters you need.


Paying attention as a Coder, you might be frequently working on your own, or at home. This means if you aren’t self-motivated or disciplined enough to work without constant supervision, coding may not be for you.


A top-class coder will be able to spot the solution with the cleanest pathway. Although there may be many ways to get a result, vision is a useful skill as it will help you to visualize how to get everything working most efficiently.

Attention To Detail

Whether it’s entering pages of code at the start or troubleshooting a problem, you’ll need to have meticulous attention to detail to succeed. Coding is just another way to describe problem-solving and a willingness to scrutinize.

Willingness To Learn

You may be proficient with current languages such as Java and HTML, but the world of technology doesn’t standstill. To be able to keep your skills up to date, you’ll need to be willing to commit to continuing development.

Be Creative

If nothing else, coding involves the ability to use your brain. It’s about trying to solve in an efficient and controlled way while still being innovative. Critical thinking edged with vision and creativity is key to creating codes.

By Catherine Adenle, Kano

April 23, 2021