Essential Office Tools

In the age of digital, it’s easy to believe that we no longer need the traditional, essential office tools to do our jobs. It’s easy to assume that computers and smart phones are the only things we need to stay productive, connected and in charge of our work life, but there are tried and true items that, in order to be truly efficient, we just simply can’t live without.


There is something very Sex and the City or Mad Men about an analogue calendar or day planner. And although it may harken back to a time of flip phones and Scotch in the office, physically writing down, by hand, the tasks of the day, helps you to remember. According to a study done by Princeton University, handwriting, versus typing, triggers a longer-term memory response. With a paper day planner, you can get a week at a glance or simply divide your day into manageable blocks to track your meetings or appointments.


The ever necessary to do list is perfect on paper. You can tack to a wall or write it out on a small white board if you have one so it’s always visible. It’s a constant reminder of what still needs to be accomplished, and you can physically cross things off the list and add to your feeling of “gettin’ ‘er done”. If you can’t step away from the keyboard, you can type it out, and then print it out to have it as easy reference.

Post It

Sticky notes are a must-have in any office, whether at home or not. They are ideal for a) writing down things quickly and b) being reminded of things that are coming up. Keeping a sticky note on your computer screen with the time of your conference call and the dial-in number means that you won’t have to go searching for it when you may already be running behind. Or reminding you to call your BFF for their birthday on a day otherwise filled with meetings is a perfect use for this key office item.

Shred It

A paper shredder may not be something you use often in the days of paperless billing and digital signatures, but key to keeping work/financial/medical things confidential is a shredder. Invest in a small one that fits over top of a typical desk-recycle bin so you can easily, and environmentally consciously deal with the shredded documents.

Stay Stationery

Stationery is something that every office should have on hand. Whether it’s conventional letterhead and business cards or a contemporary take on personalized paper products, despite the speed of communicating via email or text, there is nothing quite like a handwritten note or thank you card, or a business card popped in with other collateral and mailed out. Staples Solutionshop can work with you to set up your personalized/branded materials and help you keep it classy.

By Staples Canada

April 15, 2020