Entrepreneur Profile: Maria Dziarkach, founder of The Frogger Niagara

Staples is proud to support Canadian entrepreneurs with tools and resources to help them build their businesses and turn their dreams into reality. That’s why, together with Ownr (by RBC Ventures), Shopify and Moneris, we joined the Canada Starts initiative to support Canadian entrepreneurs by awarding grants to help them get their big idea off the ground. We caught up with Maria Dziarkach, founder of The Frogger Niagara to find out how her business venture is going since being awarded a Canada Starts grant.

Tell us a bit about your business.

I’m a young knitter and grew up being taught that natural fibres are the way to go. However, when I started knitting, I didn’t realize just how expensive it could be. So, I started sourcing cashmere yarn for my projects from thrifted sweaters. I found such an abundance, so I decided to start selling the yarn.

How did COVID-19 shape your business idea?

I realized that people are learning new skills and hobbies now more than ever, and it would be a good opportunity to promote reclaimed yarn.

Why did you decide to start a business during the pandemic?

I guess now is better than never!

What’s your greatest struggle as a business owner right now?

My biggest struggle is dealing with my “all or nothing” mentality. I want everything to be perfect, and everything to go a certain way, so when things go wrong I feel like a total failure. I have to learn to understand that sometimes the bare minimum is completely acceptable to move forward.

What are your expectations for 2021 as an entrepreneur?

I am in a learning and development stage in most aspects. I want to fill gaps rather than be in competition with anybody. I hope to double my sales by mid-2021 when I can devote more time to The Frogger Niagara and can produce more product.

Where do you think entrepreneurs should invest their time and money?

Entrepreneurs should look at learning opportunities and areas that need further research, allowing for continuous growth in themselves and their businesses. They should work to solve problems rather than follow business trends.

What keeps you inspired and working every day?

I like that I can choose to work on a task that requires zoning out (unraveling) or zoning in (creating social media posts, listings, research on recycling processes). There’s always something to do.

What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs in 2021?

It doesn’t take much to become an entrepreneur. Just make sure what you become known for is something meaningful to you.

How does Staples Canada help your business?

I buy my post-consumer cardstock for my tags at Staples. I was once employed as a copy and print associate a long time ago, and in my time working there I learned that Staples can do just about anything and realized how many small businesses they support.

Learn more at etsy.com/ca/shop/thefroggerniagara

Instagram: @thefroggerniagara

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By Staples Canada

August 03, 2021

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