Don’t Resolve to Change—Give Yourself the Tools You Need to Succeed in 2022

New Year, new you? It’s a popular sentiment among those making New Year’s resolutions, but it might not be the right approach–after all, chances are you’re pretty awesome just the way you are. Many individuals make resolutions centered on personal change. While self-improvement can be a good thing, it’s important to approach goals with a positive mindset rather than a punitive one. It’s not about changing who you are as a person; it’s about thriving and feeling like the best version of yourself. So, how can you give yourself the right tools to meet your goals and live your best life? Here are some ideas for parents, educators and students alike.

The Right Workspace

It can be challenging to work in a space that simply isn’t working for you. Sometimes, we need to pause and identify obstacles to our success in order to overcome them. Perhaps it’s clutter, a lack of resources or something you can’t quite put your finger on. In that case, you might want to try making the space feel more comfortable or add pieces of art that help inspire you or lift your mood.

If you’re going to get it done (whatever “it” is), you need the right workspace. Start with a great piece of furniture such as a desk that offers storage and a huge work surface. If your desk is placed in a bedroom or living room, this sleek modern option with open shelving will look great.

Next, make sure you have an excellent chair that offers comfort and support as well as style. You can go with a simple but comfortable desk chair, this ergonomic Tempur-Pedic model or this super stylish option with a trendy gold base.

Finally, get anything else you need to do your best work: a great desk lamp, storage solutions, a soft rug to rest your feet on while you’re working, and round it out with motivational art and scented candles. Scent and lighting have a direct impact on how we feel, and how we feel definitely impacts what we get done in a day. Create a feel-good space that allows you to thrive, and you’ll reap the rewards. And yes, you can stash some delicious snacks in your work area, too. No one wants to work or study on an empty stomach!

Tech to Make It Happen

Investing in tech is a great way to help yourself work more efficiently and oftentimes, more effectively. This is true for students of all ages (not to mention their teachers and parents). Take a look at how you use your current technology and assess how you could help yourself improve functionality and results. Not only will this allow you to perform better, it can help reduce stress by creating a positive work flow.

Whether you’re a student or in the working world, you need a great laptop. A flexible, affordable IdeaPad Chromebook is an excellent choice for younger students, and a MacBook Air is great for teens and adults. You may also want to get some headphones and a laptop riser to help you avoid neck strain.

Organization for Everyone

Not everyone is naturally organized, but everyone can put solutions in place to help them stay on top of things and feel in control. In addition to workspace storage solutions, find yourself the right organizational tools to fit your work or learning style. This could include a paper calendar, daily planner or similar organizer, a smartwatch or other items. If it helps you stay focused on and achieve your goals, make it a part of your routine.

Wellness Support

Self-care is never as easy as it sounds, but it’s important to keep it on your to-do list. The secret is to find healthy, achievable routines that work for you—not anyone else. You’re an individual with unique needs, so approach self-care and wellness with that in mind.

Coffee is great, but don’t forget to keep a reusable water bottle at your workspace to encourage proper hydration. Herbal tea is also a great choice. Play classical music while you work or study if that helps you focus and consider a scent diffuser for relaxation. Try keeping a happiness journal and be sure to move your body. It doesn’t matter if you’re in school or the working world—when you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to do your best. Here’s to success and good things in 2022.

By Staples Canada

December 16, 2021