Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Of course, you can always do the old chocolates Valentine’s gift for your special someone, but nothing says ‘I love you’ like a thoughtful, distinctive creation that is truly one-of-a-kind and comes from the heart. With a little more time and effort than it takes to swing by the mall or do a bit of online shopping, here are five creative and mostly inexpensive ideas to let the one you love know how much you care:

1. Gift Basket:

You probably know what your love’s favorite things are. Gather samples of their favorite goodies into one basket. Some ideas to start with: tea, chocolates, exotic coffees, snacks, candies, candles, fizzy bath bombs, lotions, fragrances, spa service coupons, cosmetics, trinkets, jewelry, books or magazines. Whatever you can think of that they’ll enjoy. Maybe seeds of their favorite flowers or plant if they like gardening.

2. Prepare Their Favourite Meal:

Surprise them with a home-cooked version of their favorite meal.  There are many cooking websites online to consult with reliable step-by-step instructions to follow.  Watch a couple of cooking shows or demonstrations for inspiration and techniques if you’re not the best cook. Remember if you can read and follow directions, you can also cook! If you happen to overcook or undercook the meal, I am sure your love will understand that it’s the thought that counts. Plus, if the meal is a complete disaster, you can always order in.

3. Scrapbook of Your Love:

Chart the course of your relationship in photographs. Selfies, spontaneous photographs, or every photograph ever taken of the two of you, whether you go way back as childhood sweethearts or met last month on Tinder. Pick out some photographs of the two of you and compose a unique and thoughtful photographic narrative of your love.

4. Personalized Pop Art:

Use Scrabble tiles to spell out a loving message and frame it, build a heart-shaped sculpture or collage out of candy hearts with sentimental phrases, or spell their name, or a special secret code word the two of you share in heart-shaped buttons and frame it, or frame any meaningful object and dedicate it to your love. So many possibilities!

By Staples Canada

February 15, 2016