Coworking: Innovation and Growth in Office Space

As a serial entrepreneur, my experience with office space has run the gamut from the isolation of my home office where I binge watched Netflix and ate way too many cheezies to the overpriced, oversized downtown office that I rented to one-up my other entrepreneur friends. I’d work half the month to pay rent and cover expenses and spend the other half of the month self-loathing. And then, in a moment of serendipity, I stumbled upon the brilliant concept of Coworking space.  It was as though my cozy, comfortable home office was transported into my classy, decked out downtown office and all at a fraction of the price!  This secret was so great that I wanted to keep it to myself only I realized soon enough that by getting the word out, my friends and peers would join me and we could co-create a community that could actually make my work life more enjoyable!

When I first discovered Staples Canada’s new store at 375 University Avenue was offering a Coworking space I was ecstatic at the news. Here are the top 5 most enticing features that Staples Coworking space offers and will have you packing up your home office and embracing this newest, coolest trend!



You design your own life! As an entrepreneur you have the flexibility if you want to work from home one day, or at your Coworking space the next.  You are on your own schedule.  You can meet clients and sip coffee on the couch or you can bunker down in a workspace and focus.  You can get a hot desk and just share the common space and as you grow, they will have options that can accommodate you such as dedicated desks and private offices.  It’s so versatile, it meets you where you are at.


It’s the Small Things

I can’t lie – I get super excited about the small things. One of my favourite selling features of the Staples Coworking space is free beverages. When you are used to spending $15-$20 a day buying expensive drinks at a coffee shop, it can add up.  I like having access to a printer, that, unlike my home printer, never needs a new $80 ink cartridge. I like fast and free wi-fi, discounts on the business services I need and the ability to quickly walk the aisles and purchase all the business supplies I need.  Every Coworking space offers their own unique set of benefits so take advantage of them.



As an entrepreneur there are huge benefits in sharing a space with a unique network of people. You now have the ability to connect and have access to the varied skills and services available.  Collaborations can form, friendships can grow, and you might just find that perfect person to finish your website or edit your book.


Meetings and Events

As someone who has a lot of meetings, I had become creative about find meeting spots. Coffee shops and libraries and hotel lobbies are great until they aren’t. There is something to be said for portraying an image of professionalism and success that can’t be found squatting in my condo’s foyer. Private coaching and consulting require, well… privacy. I love the ability to book a private meeting space at incredibly reasonable rates. I also love being able to book event space for workshops and social events at incredibly reasonable rates.  These savings are often worth the entire cost of your monthly membership fee.

Community and Office Culture

Each Coworking space has its own unique vibe and culture. It’s great to find a community where you belong, but it’s even better to have the ability to shape that culture.  You can bring your own innovation and flare and create the place you want to work every day.  Start a salad club, organize a game night, bring your plants and brighten the space.  Best of all, there is no pressure.  You decide the role you want to play.

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Come grow with us!

Calling all startups, small businesses, service providers and more, our stores are changing to make room for you. From state-of-the-art event spaces to beautiful co-working facilities, the Staples Studio is here to help you work, learn, and grow.

Learn more about Staples Studio and book a tour today!

By Rina Rovinelli

January 08, 2019

Speaker Slam

Rina Rovinelli is the Co-Founder of Speaker Slam. She is a Speaker Coach and creator of the Emerging Speaker Program and Corporate Slam.