Coding for Kids

Kids and coding may seem like an unlikely match, but the truth is, teaching kids this new language could change the course of their future.

But what is coding?

Basically, coding is how we talk to computers. Different languages can ask computers to do different things or can make other things (like apps and websites) that computers can understand. Think Angry Birds, TikTok, even email — all created by coding.

Okay. But why is it important?

Although it doesn’t seem like it right now while kids are more interested in using technology than creating it, employment possibilities down the road are exponentially larger if you have coding skills, whether you work for someone or are a tech entrepreneur.

Beyond the practicality of coding for future employment, there are some benefits that can be applied at every stage of life.

Making Sense of Things

When kids know how to code, it helps them better understand the world around them. From how their iPads work to the computers they use at school and how social media helps us to stay connected, coding helps to make sense of things.

Coding is Creative

Like learning a new language, having new communication tools at your fingertips can open minds! Make a video game instead of playing one. Imagine what app you want to use and then code it! Coding can be another way to express yourself.

Solving Problems Like a Boss

Coding is like breaking down complex problems and putting them back together. It requires logical thinking and the ability to identify smaller issues within a larger issue — tools valuable to every aspect of living.

Learning Together

Everyone can learn how to code — and they can do it together, whether near or far. Games like Minecraft allow coders and kids to collaborate with others all over the world, and learn, while having fun!

Coding is Communicating

Understanding one another is a skill that we need throughout our entire lives. When kids learn how to communicate with one another and express complex ideas in ways others can understand, they learn how to be seen and heard productively.

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By Staples Canada

April 02, 2020