Clean House: Creating a Chore Game for Kids

These days, more than usual, it’s hard to focus on anything other than everything we can’t do. But just like every day the sun comes up, the house still needs cleaning! And what better time to teach your kids about responsibility, recognition and time management than when they’re at home with you!

As humans we are drawn to order. We function better with a set schedule and a routine. And although chores aren’t necessarily classified as fun, they keep things on track and awfully tidy.

Here is an easy-to-make chore game that will keep them interested, inspired and engaged.

What you need

15" x 15” Post-it® Super Sticky Big Note or a 15”x15” sheet of cardboard

1 pack of Post-it® in 2 different colours

1 marker

1 ruler Step One

Create a table with four columns and four rows, like a Bingo card. Leave room above the table to title it Weekly Chore Bingo.

Step Two

Write a household chore in each of the boxes.

Step Three

On the smaller Post-it® notes, write your child or children’s name and post them beside the table you have created.

Step Four

Play! When each of the chores has been completed, your child’s name get’s placed on the chore. The first person to complete a row, gets a prize!


If there’s only one child in the house, consider a BINGO approach with numbers and hidden chores under larger Post-it® notes. Then draw numbers, reveal the chore, and once a row (or four corners, or diagonal etc.) is complete, it’s prize time!

Looking for other ways to make chores fun? Try a spinning wheel like on a game show, or pull chores out a hat to maintain the element of surprise. And always remember to reward their efforts, be it a prize, or recognition of a job well done.

By Staples Canada

April 15, 2020