Celery Bloom Stampers

Create colourful spring blooms with celery! Create a stamp and add designs for a giftable spring bouquet.

What you need:


Pad of paper


Paper plates

Paper Towels

Step One

Ask an adult to cut the bottom of a celery stalk about 4-5 inches from the bottom to create your stamp.

Step Two

Pour Crayola Washable Paint into a bowl. Mix a few colours to create unique blooms!

Step Three

Dip your celery stamp into paint. Wiggle your celery stamp to make sure all stems are coated with paint. Then, press your celery stamp onto a sheet of paper. Repeat to create a bright bouquet of flowers!

Step Four

Use paint or markers to create stems and grass to complete your floral arrangement.

Step Five

Gift your bouquet to Mom as a Mother's Day gift or just an everyday surprise!

By Crayola

May 06, 2020