Arts and Craft Tutorial: Magnetic Space Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly your own spaceship? In this arts and craft tutorial, you can get a taste for it! Laura from Clap Art Studio in Toronto is going to show you how. The materials you’ll need and written instructions are below. Now, go forth and prosper!


- Plain paper

- Construction paper (optional)

- Scissors

- Markers/Colouring Pencils/Crayons

- Pencil

- Glue

- Magnets x 2

- Tape

- Cardboard

- A small round object to trace

- A medium round object to trace

Step 1:

First, let’s draw the sun! If you have construction paper, then you can do this on yellow paper. If not, you can do this on plain white paper and colour it in. The easiest way would be to trace a circle, then draw the sun rays around the circle.

Step 2:

Then we are going to work on our planets. Let’s start by tracing 6 small circles and 2 medium circles on plain paper. Draw a ring around one of the small circles and one of the medium circles. The small circle with ring is Uranus and the medium circle with ring is Saturn. The other medium circle is Jupiter. Now let’s colour each planet and think about what colour each planet would be.

Step 3:

Then cut out the sun and all the planets. To make sure you remember which planet is which, you can write the name of the planet down on the back of each planet as you cut them out.

Step 4:

Glue them one by one on to another sheet of paper (or dark construction paper if you have). This is your background.

Step 5:

Draw the orbiting lines for each planet. Now you can add stars or anything else you may want to have in your galaxy. If you have some sparkly stickers, you can use those as stars too!

Step 6:

Now your galaxy is done, let’s design and draw your own rocket ship! Colour it in and cut it out. Then tape a magnet on the back of the rocket.

Step 7:

Glue your solar system on to your cardboard to make it stronger! Put your rocket ship on to your galaxy and place your other magnet on the other side of the cardboard.

By Staples Canada

March 31, 2020