An Efficient, Organized & Productive Workspace for 2021

You try to handle every request that comes in, and too often, your own to-do list suffers as you fulfill others’ needs.

You may think it’s time you need to get your office organized, but more likely, it’s discipline. Whether you are a small business owner, employee, or executive, we all have the same 24 hours to design our workdays and lifestyle.

To attain your ideal work situation, the challenge is to be your own boss. Decide how you spend your time. That includes organizing your supplies and files to support the valuable work you do. For every minute you organize, you’ll increase efficiency.

A Professional Office Organizer with How It Stacks Up, Kathleen O’Brien says separate what is nonessential and unnecessary from what you truly need to excel in your work. Here are some of her tips:

Cut down time to manage voice, paper, and digital tools

After you meet work commitments such as answering email, attending meetings, and scheduling, book time just to get work done. That’s the sweet productive spot where you make progress on ideas, initiatives, and plans. To get there, you’ll need to reduce time spent managing tools that are supposed to support your work.

Get back to the tasks and ideas that sparked your career

To create an efficient office is to stop seeing time as endless. “I’ll do it tomorrow/on the weekend/over the summer break.” These excuses keep us procrastinating rather than acting. When you identify your priorities and values, it’ll be easier to work on them.

Release unnecessary distractions to keep workspace organized

Being organized requires making decisions (what to keep, scan), and establishing a place to put everything (zones for reading, paperwork, and typing). Paper piles and digital disorganization cost you. By getting down to the basics, choose tools to display your files on the desk, keep projects contained in a neat pile, or make them portable. If you have digital files, ensure you back them up regularly on an external portable drive.

By following these tips, once the information starts rolling in and there are demands on your time, your own goals won’t get pushed to the side.

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By Staples Canada

January 20, 2021

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