A Remote Worker's Guide to Setting Up Your Home Office

From setting up shop at a dining table to taking over the guest bedroom, remote workers have gotten creative with their spaces and by now, have perfected the art of working from anywhere. With set routines in place and go-to products on hand, employees have figured out just what they need to make their day work.

We asked 10 employees across diverse industries for their essential Work From Anywhere gear. Here’s what they had to say.

Professional: Travis Ames, Vice President, Consumer and Device Sales, Microsoft Canada

Product pick: Surface Go 2

“With both my wife and I working out of a one-bedroom, downtown Toronto condo in the last year, the Surface Go 2 with an Acer 27’ monitor and Surface slim keyboard has been a game-changer for me to get the most productivity out of a small space.” Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5", $699.99

Professional: Bradley Meneses, Account Executive, Salesforce Canada

Product pick: Standing desk

“I stand at my desk when I run sales meetings and make cold calls to energize my body. Afterwards I sit down to complete my admin work and send emails. This allows me to work efficiently and comfortably throughout the day.” Motionwise 60” Electric Standing Desk, $899.99

Professional: Samantha Sobolewski, National Recruitment Officer, Ryerson University

Product pick: Desktop riser “Although my coffee machine has been my go-to survival item, it's my desktop riser that has been my number one essential. Not only does it help with framing when I'm on Zoom calls, but it has also seriously relieved my eye strain and improved my posture.” Poppin Monitor Riser, $42.99

Professional: Natasha Gan, Consultant, CIBC

Product pick: Seat cushion

“For someone who sits for the majority of the workday, my posture cushion is a must. The lumbar support helps with my lower back pain and encourages me to sit upright. It also feels like I'm sitting on a very comfortable cradle.” Serta Pedic Seat Cushion, $59.99

Professional: Erica Lenti, Senior Editor, Xtra

Product pick: Moleskine notebook

"I can’t go a day without my Moleskine notebook — preferably a soft-cover, medium-sized notebook that I can carry with me comfortably wherever I go. My Moleskine is where I jot down just about anything — from my to-do lists to notes from editorial meetings — to keep myself organized. Without it, my days would be a mess! I love that ink never bleeds between pages and that the notebooks are sleek and pretty, too." Moleskine Professional Large Notebook, $28.99

Professional: Yann Gonthier, Project manager, Centre de développement et de recherche en intelligence numérique (CDRIN)

Product pick: Ergonomic task chair

“A good ergonomic chair is essential to my workday. It allows me to sit comfortably for a long period of time and is good for my health, especially my back.” Staples Berwood Mesh and Fabric Task Chair, $249.99

Professional: Arvind Bining, Social Media Manager, PR Ramp, and Digital/Social Media coordinator at ruckus Digital

Product pick: Wireless keyboard and mouse

“My WFA must-have is my Lenovo wireless keyboard and mouse because it lets me sit a bit further back and away from the screen so I can see both my screens clearly. This way, I’m not hunching over the laptop keyboard. It’s better for my back.” Lenovo Laser Wireless USB Mouse, $59.99

Professional: Sanjay Pinnock, CEO and Design Director at Hustl Works

Product pick: Microphone

“It’s a struggle when you’re on a video call and the person on the other end has trouble hearing you. The Blue Yeti Microphone has been a game-changer for that. Not only is it super easy to use, but it captures crystal-clear audio that ensures you have the attention of your listeners. Whether I’m recording vocals or just engaged in a busy conversation, the Yeti is definitely unlike many other mics I’ve used.” Blue Yeti USB Microphone, $179.99

Professional: Joseph Angilletta, K-8 Music Teacher

Product pick: Laptop

“All I need for working remotely is a reliable laptop with good connectivity so I can teach without interruptions. Bonus points if it has all the Google apps already loaded.” ASUS Chromebook C204, $319.99

Professional: Nicolle Weeks, Senior Content Producer at Scotia Digital

Product pick: Noise-cancelling Headphones

“My Bose 700 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones are my WFA must-have. I can easily shift from taking a video call to listening to my favourite focus playlist without breaking pace. And with my partner working at his desk right next to me, I can do all of that without disturbing him.” Bose 700 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones, $479.99

By Staples Canada

June 21, 2021