7 Tips for Choosing Employee Gifts – And Why They’re Worth the Investment

Your employees work hard and play a big role in the success of your organization. A thoughtful, customizable gift — something a little more meaningful than the usual mug or pen — can go a long way in recognizing their dedication, improving morale and employee retention, and increasing motivation.

In fact, a study conducted by Coresight Research found that giving employee gifts can enhance relationships in the workplace and make them feel valued.

Here are our top seven tips for gifts that are worth the investment.

1. Recognize milestones

Don’t miss an opportunity to mark moments for team members. “Custom gifting is a great way for a business to show customers and associates appreciation and to recognize important milestones. This year Staples has brought together an assortment of customizable gifts that will be sure to impress,” says Esther Butler, Director, Business Services at Staples Solutionshop.

What to gift: A customizable Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. With up to four hours of play time, this wireless speaker is a gift your employees will appreciate in their day-to-day lives.

2. Welcome new team members

Onboarding is a natural gifting opportunity, says Butler. “Whether new team members are working remotely or coming into the workplace, we have a curated assortment of gifts to connect and embed your company culture.” Consider a welcome package for recent grads, students, and other new employees. Customize them with your corporate logo, and make new folks feel like part of the team.

What to gift: Welcome to the Team Kit that includes a customizable Moleskine notebook, double-wall stainless steel tumbler, retractable pen, along with a dark chocolate sea salt seed bar.

3. Consider quality

A high-quality product is a sure-fire way to ensure its use for months (or years) to come, even products we use every day. Staples Solutionshop is committed to quality whether you are looking for a budget-friendly assortment or for a premium gift for key clients.   

What to gift: Drinkware and accessories, such as Asobu Le Baton & Imperial Coffee Gift Set, and the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle.

4. Embrace wearables

“Wearables are our most popular items: shirts, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, socks,” says Butler. There are reasons for that — wearables are practical (think: cozy hoodie or sporty ball cap); and they put your corporate logo out there for the world to see.

What to gift: Customizable apparel from Adidas and Nike. 

5. Cozy Comforts

“If you are looking to give the gift of relaxation this holiday season,” says Butler, “consider gifting an item from our cozy comforts assortment.”     

What to gift: ‘For Goodness Bakes!’ Gourmet Baking Kit or Heathered Fuzzy Fleece Blankets.

5. Go green

“There’s an ever-growing popularity and variety of eco-friendly products,” explains Butler. From budget-savvy wheat-based portable utensil kits to value-priced eco-fleece hoodies and luxury water bottles, Staples Solutionshop has environmentally conscious options at every price point.

What to gift: Windsor Bamboo Cheese Platter Kit. This unexpected green gift is made from eco-friendly bamboo and comes complete with a cheese spade, cheese fork, flat cheese knife and bottle opener.

6. Kits are it

For gifts that offer a little bit of everything, try our curated kits for every occasion, with themes ranging from work from anywhere to rest and relaxation and gifts that give back. Goodies vary but typically include customizable, high-quality stationery, tech gadgets and mugs, along with treats and other finds. 

What to gift: Holiday 2021 Cozy Kit

7. Customized printing

“New this year, business customers can connect with one of our Live Graphic Designers and customize Canva templates for their holiday cards, invitations or announcements,” says Butler. “Staples Design Experts are powered by Canva Pro and have access to even more customizable designs.” This is a great option for businesses that want something unique when creating the perfect holiday card. The Canva designs are a great starting point, and our Design Experts can customize any card to suit any company's needs.

8. Plan ahead

Finally, with the holidays right around the corner and our guaranteed delivery date on November 19, don’t leave gifting to the last moment. “Larger quantities or more complex printing could also increase lead time,” adds Butler.

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By Staples Canada

November 10, 2021