6 Tips for An Incredible Classroom Makeover

Another school year is upon us and educators everywhere are working hard to prepare lessons, get organized and create a welcoming space for students. If you’re looking for some ideas to help you complete an incredible classroom makeover this fall, here are six tips to get you started. Remember, qualifying educators receive a discount from Staples throughout the year!

Give Students A Mission

Some students walk into the classroom feeling motivated and ready to do their best work, but others need a bit of inspiration and encouragement. If you have a class mission or shared objectives for the year, post them clearly and prominently. This daily visual reminder will help students stay on task and remind them to arrive prepared and ready to learn. Use magnetic letters to spell things out or try a letter board that lets you switch up the message in minutes. If you teach elementary school, having students participate in choosing a weekly or monthly message (and even changing the letters) is a great way to help them feel included.

Set The Tone

As an educator, you set the tone of your classroom each and every day. If you want the space to feel creative, inspiring, empowering or all of the above, share that message loud and clear with motivational signage and decor. Or, have your students create their own inspirational messages and hang them on a bulletin board where everyone can enjoy them. This is a great way to personalize your classroom and have students take ownership in their role at school.

Offer Choice

No two students are alike, and there are many different types of learners. To help all of your students thrive, offer choice—different learning zones, a variety of seating options and flexible projects that give them the opportunity to shine while exploring new skills and interests. Some kids will need hands-on activities while others may thrive when given audio or visual options. Let their individuality shine and help them build confidence through success.

Make It Comfortable

If you’ve got a reading area or relaxation space for your students, consider adding some comfortable bean bag chairs. You can also add a brightly coloured, kids size sofa or simple foam mats that offer a soft, cozy area to study in. Floor coverings like this shag rug will add comfort and style, and a few throw pillows with cheerful messages will finish the job. An inviting, comfortable space is far more conducive to learning than a cold, uncomfortable classroom.

Inspire Creativity

Hands on learning is great at every age, and having the right supplies on can be all it takes to inspire creativity. Create a space that includes paper and canvases, drawing utensils, paint and paint brushes, sketchbooks, notepads, markers and more. Add creative prompts or let their imaginations run wild—anything goes. Just make sure you also keep some cleaning supplies on hand to deal with the inevitable mess.

Keep It Calm

School should be a safe and comfortable space for everyone. Create a calming, nurturing classroom environment by creating areas for mindfulness, calming kits that are age appropriate, and quiet areas for students who need a quick mental break. A small sound machine or noise cancelling headphones may help—or, use a bluetooth speaker like this UE Wonderboom to play white noise or classical music. By incorporating these and other creative ideas into your classroom, your students will be set up for success—and you’ll be ready for a great school year.

By Staples Canada

August 27, 2022