5 Genius TikTok Organization Hacks

Spring is here, bringing brighter days and an opportunity to get our homes in order. Even if Spring cleaning isn’t your favourite, it’s never been easier to organize your space thanks to the plethora of tips and tricks available on TikTok.

Not on the platform? We have you covered with our favourite organizing hacks — whether you struggle with a chronically messy under-sink cabinet or find yourself constantly stepping on your kid’s toys. Better yet, you don’t need any fancy tools or bank-breaking supplies to get the job done. 

@teresalauracaruso Reorganizing under our kitchen sink! 🤍 #organize #organization #amazonmusthaves #refill #restock #organizingtiktok #homeproject ♬ original sound - Teresa Caruso

The challenge: Disorganized under-sink bathroom and kitchen cupboards

The hack: Use sliding drawers and paper towel holders for under-sink storage

How to achieve it: The kitchen and bathroom sink cupboards are the toughest places to keep organized. It can be easy to just toss spray bottles, sponges and paper towels to the back, which is why these under-sink storage ideas are all the more essential. Replace clunky bins with a set of sliding drawers that make it easy to pull out and reach items at the back of the cupboard. Take it a step further and move paper towels off the counter and mount a paper towel holder on the side of your cupboard or the door (tip: you can use Gorilla tape instead of drilling).

@therealcindyology Pantry makeover. Featuring my Aussie!! #fyp #foryoupage #organizing #organize #pantry #food #aussielife ♬ Blurred Lines - Blurred Lines

The challenge: Messy pantry

The hack: Use bins, baskets and containers to streamline your pantry

How to achieve it: After a long day, putting a lot of thought into a meal is the last thing you want to do. But with this hack on how to organize a pantry, meal prep will be a breeze. Make your goods easy to find by using baskets, easy-to-clean plastic bins and steel storage canisters to separate them. Your current and future self will thank you.

@katvpt This is just what we did to hide the cables. Follow for more organization hacks (: #organizationhacks #deskhack #cables #deskorganization ♬ Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

The challenge: Cable clutter in home office

The hack: Use wire baskets and cord covers to corral and hide your cables

How to achieve it: Reducing visual clutter is the first step to an organized workspace. If you’ve been wondering how to hide cables at your desk, this tip is for you. Use wire baskets, cork tiles and small Command wire hooks attached to the underside of your desk to corral your cables, lift them off the ground and keep them out of sight. Looking for a solution that’s less DIY? Try the Poppin Cable Catchers for a modern and clean look.

@malloryhudsonxo Small closet organization must haves that’ll TRANSFORM your closet! #closetorganization #organizationtiktok #closetorganizationhacks #amazonfinds ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] - Elliot Van Coup

The challenge: Closet with no storage solutions

The hack: Use drawer dividers, S-hooks and storage bins to organize your closet

How to achieve it: Take the guesswork out of getting dressed with these clever closet organization hacks that ensure every piece of clothing has its own home. Acrylic dividers are a foolproof way of separating big drawers into smaller, methodized compartments. Cloth bins are ideal for storing smaller items like socks or accessories, while bigger plastic bins make it simple to put seasonal clothing away until it's their time to shine. Use S-hooks to hang jeans, shorts and trousers by their belt loops, and hanging organizers for sweaters, T-shirts or even shoes.

@jensgatheringnest Playroom organization tips #playroomorganization #playroomgoals #playroomtour #toystorage #toystoragehacks #playroominspo #organizationhacks ♬ What If (I Told You I Like You) - Johnny Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler

The challenge: Kids’ toys everywhere

The hack: Use reusable snack bags and felt storage boxes to sort toys

How to achieve: Say goodbye to accidentally stepping on your kids’ building blocks with these genius toy storage ideas that will keep the playroom tidy once and for all. Save space by storing puzzles and game pieces inside reusable snack bags. Next, store those snack bags in labeled felt storage baskets that can be put into or on top of almost any storage unit you already have. Keep art essentials categorized using pen cups, wire baskets or plastic bins, which are especially handy for supplies that are messy and easily to spill. Bonus tip: use picture frame ledges to put children’s books on display — just make sure they’re placed at a kid-friendly height!

Add these TikTok organization hacks to your Spring cleaning checklist and your home will be looking spic-and-span in no time.

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