4 Ways to Keep Your Office Organized

Creating an at-home workspace often takes more than just a laptop to keep it functional and keep you focused. From going paperless to space-saving tips, here are four ways you can make your office more official.

Save Space

Depending on the size of your at-home office, you may be faced with having to make space in an area that’s smaller than ideal. Whether you’re carving a dedicated workspace out of another room like the kitchen, living room or guest room, or you’re converting a large closet space into your office, sourcing furniture that serves more than one purpose will help make your space more functional and efficient.

Looks for pieces that have built-in storage, like pieces that can easily be converted from side tables to work surfaces. Looking for something more permanent? Make sure your at-home office space can adapt to any project at hand.

Office Layout

Now that you’ve optimized your furniture, it’s time to tackle the physical space. It’s important to stay on task, and with all the distractions that working from home can bring, it isn’t always easy. Consider placing your workspace facing a wall (or out a window should you have one), so you can avoid distraction from other things around you. If your space can handle it, keep a throw or cardigan should you get a chill, and a bottle of water close at hand. At home, it’s easy for 5-minutes to get a glass of water to turn into half-an-hour of an unrelated to work task.

Cord Control

With all the digital tools in your office, losing control of the cords is almost a given. Make sure to use a cord organizer to keep things together in your confined space. From cord sheaths, to wraps and under-desk mounts, there is the right solution for you.

Go Paperless

It’s easier than ever to go paperless in your everyday. From paperless billing to online publications and Docusign for more sensitive material, there’s no need to keep more documents on hand. To manage what you may already have on hand, you can scan and digitize with a conventional scanner, or use your smartphone to take pictures of the documents that you need a record of, but may not need to access for printing.

Need to get rid of receipts, but don’t want to lose them entirely just in case? There are apps like Shoeboxed or Expensify that can help you organize your receipts and expenses specifically so you never have to worry about a physical filing system again.

By Staples Canada

August 13, 2020

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