3 Best-Kept B2B Sales Secrets

Even if you never worked in a sales role before you started your business, more than likely as an entrepreneur, it’s one of your big tasks. And yet, not every business owner is adept at the art of selling.

Here, get three secrets that will instantly elevate your sales skills.

1. Follow Your Leads on Social Media

If your sales cycle is long (maybe you sell B2B software), you have ample time to get to know your lead and nurture that relationship. The more involved you are, the less it seems like all you consider that person to be is a sale.

Follow your B2B point of contact on social media, sharing her content and commenting on it when appropriate. Don’t go overboard with the compliments; you simply want to show that she’s on your radar.

Staying tapped in may also present you with more business opportunity if, for example, she tweets that she’s having a problem that your software can solve.

2. Solve That Problem

Speaking of problems: if you can solve one for your potential customers, you’ll get the sale. Too many entrepreneurs focus on flashy sales presentations, which customers never care about. Instead, they want you to boil it down to what they need.

Rather than talking about the features of your product (it can hold 30 gallons), center your pitch around the benefits (you won’t have to refill it). Customers are always thinking, “what’s in it for me,” so if you answer that question, you’ll get the sale.

3. Don’t Forget About Them After the Sale

Another common problem is focusing on leads only before they buy and then moving on to the next sale. But you absolutely should put energy into nurturing that relationship after purchase. Your goals are twofold: first, you’d like them to buy again from you, particularly if you sell something that people need constantly, like printer ink. Second, you’d like them to refer new business to you.

By checking in once in a while, you’re communicating that you care about this customer and want to ensure she’s happy. That’s a great foundation for future sales.

Selling isn’t difficult if you’re tuned into what your customers want and constantly work to develop that relationship.

By Andrew Patricio

August 20, 2018