3 Awesome Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

Some parents seem to be born with a crafty, artistic, DIY gene and others—well, we do our best to keep up. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple craft ideas for kids online including some awesome Valentine’s Day crafts. Not only are these holiday art projects super cute, they’ll keep your kids entertained and make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for teachers or grandparents.

Get your glue sticks ready—here are three easy, fun and totally lovable Valentine’s Day crafts for kids.

Hey There, Love Bug

3 Awesome Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids - Hey There Love Bug

Materials needed: White paper, construction paper, scissors, googly eyes, a glue stick and a black marker or pen.

Instructions: Cut out a series of small pink and red construction paper hearts. All of the hearts should be the same size, so consider tracing a template or folding the paper a couple of times to create identical hearts. If your kids are older and able to use scissors independently, have them do this step themselves—otherwise, cut out the hearts as part of your craft time prep. Next, have your child place the hearts across a piece of white paper in a line or a squiggly, up and down pattern that resembles an inch worm or caterpillar in motion. Use alternating pink and red hearts to achieve the look in the image. Glue the hearts down, add googly eyes, and then draw on a whole bunch of feet. Add a smile and your love bug is done! This makes a great card or piece of art for the fridge.

Made With Loving Hands

Materials Needed: White paper, kid-friendly paint, construction paper, a glue stick.

Instructions: First, cover your table or other workspace with old newspapers or a cheap tablecloth that you wouldn’t mind getting paint on. If you’re crafting with toddlers, now’s the time to grab a smock! First, decorate the “frame” of your art piece by adding pieces of construction paper or other craft materials around the border of your paper (see image for inspiration). Next, use a soft paint brush to cover the palm of your child’s hands in the paint colour of your choice. If using white paper, consider red or pink paint. If using red or pink paper, white paint will look great. Help your child use their hands to make a heart-shaped imprint on the paper in paint. There you have it—a handmade heart.

Flying High

Materials needed: White paper, construction paper or brightly coloured cardstock, pink or other colourful paper, Sharpies or another good writing marker, a glue stick.

Instructions: This craft is perfect for older kids with a bit more fine motor control (and an eye for great design). Choose a piece of cardstock or coloured paper, folding it in half to make the shape of a traditional greeting card. Sky blue is ideal but art is meant to be fun, so use any colour you’d like. Then, cut out a bunch of paper hearts in various sizes (tiny, small, and one larger heart for the centre) and some puffy white clouds. Place your large heart in the centre first and use a marker to draw the basket of the hot air balloon. Next, add a sprinkling of smaller hearts throughout the sky. The clouds can be added near the bottom, then all that’s left to do is write a heartfelt message. Happy Valentine’s Day.

By Staples Canada

January 12, 2022