Leadership Coaching

By Linda Lord

As an individual business developer, some of the most common concerns I hear are: “I’ve read the books, I’ve taken the courses, why am I not more successful?” and “I had no idea running a business would have me doing so many things I don’t like.”

In my experience, many individuals never reach the success they want at the rate they want because they have overlooked the fundamental piece of the puzzle: THEMSELVES.
When you’re working hard but you aren’t sure about where you’re going or if you’re the person to get you there, you get discouraged and lose focus. It feels like every aspect of your business is dependent upon you and you just aren’t delivering. Or things have been going great for a while, and you really want to take your business to the next level.

You feel you have come to the end of your own resources to run your business. That is where business leadership coaching comes in. You and your business coach explore who and what matters most to you, discover your definition of success, and collaboratively, create the action plan that supports you in developing your business. So, no more going it alone!

Business coaching is available in many capacities. You can benefit through a self-study program, join a teleconference class, locate a local group offering the program, or work with your coach individually. You can use your coach as a confidential sounding board and to discover new ways of thinking to leverage your unique strengths and manage your blind spots. You and your coach will focus on ways to build on who you are to achieve lasting results.

Your coach will also work with you on the soft development of your business (no number crunching allowed until all the other puzzle pieces are in place!) Together, you’ll address your vision, the plan to get you there, and the systems that will support sustainable success.

Whether you need business development articles, leadership assessments, business checklists, power point slides, or organizational effectiveness assessments, your coach will help you get what you need. In my own role as a business leadership provider, I have developed and implemented several workshops for new business owners and leadership teams that have equipped them to make better business decisions, develop obtainable goals and objectives, and support their pursuit of professional success and personal satisfaction. They get to make a living and have a life.

About Linda Lord As a Human Agriculturalist and Storytiller: Linda produces presentations that grow people. She fertilizes the performance ground with H.O.P.E. (honesty, optimism, perspective, and experience) and plants seeds of L.I.F.E. (laughter, information, focus, and encouragement) that cultivate the individual's ability to C.O.P.E. (clarify, organize, plan, and engage). Linda integrates meaningful content with her experience as a workshop leader, business person, and performer. Her delivery is dynamic, interactive, and entertaining. Participants reflect on character, circumstances and choices to enhance their soft skills. Linda can be contacted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, www.lindajlord.com or by phone 1.519.257.7363.

By Adam

March 11, 2011