20 Things to Create with Sharpie!

When you start with Sharpie, you never know where you’ll end up. That’s the wonder of creating something.  Did you know that Sharpie markers can be used on virtually any surface, from the traditional (paper and canvas), to the unexpected (fabric, plastic, ceramics, glass, wood, stone, metal)?  Turn something simple into something special with these great Sharpie project ideas.
Looking for ways to add a fresh look to your home? Get creative with these simple home décor projects:

  • Succulent Pots - A fast, fun way to add colour and artful design to everyday houseplants
  • Sharpie Drinkware - In just a few simple steps, Sharpie permanent markers can help transform your drinking glasses into unique works of art.
  • Flower Vase - Whether you fill them with fresh – cut flowers or use them as a design accent, these vases are a great way to add creative flair to any living space.
  • Farmhouse SignGreat to hang inside and out.  Use your favourite Sharpie to create your personalized message.
  • Decorative Pillow - You don’t have to be an artist or interior decorator - create a DIY pillow to add bold colour and style to your bedroom, living area, or anywhere else you like to relax and entertain.
  • Customized Rug - Spice up plain area rugs with Sharpie to craft your own one-of-a-kind designs, just as unique as you.

Why not update your back pack, cell phone case and other personal belongings to make them uniquely yours?

  • Sharpie Shades - If you’re a fearless fashionista with a knack for custom creations you’ll love the idea of custom Sharpie shades!
  • Smartphone Case - Every DIY creation starts with an inspired idea. Take it and run with it, embellish and enhance with explosions of colour, glow, and shimmer!
  • Personalized Backpacks - Not only does your backpack carry your textbooks, laptop, and other school essentials – it also doubles as a fashion accessory that can reflect your personal sense of style!
  • Canvas Shoes - Canvas sneakers never go out of style. This casual and comfortable footwear is a “go to” look that works well with almost any outfit. Create a personalized design using Sharpie markers.
  • Shrink Keychains - As a natural do-it-yourselfer with creativity that knows no bounds, transform your plastic containers into adorable keychains in just a few easy steps!

Tie dye is great craft activity because you can experiment with many different colours and patterns. Did you know that you can use your favourite collection of Sharpie markers to create amazing tie dye? Try this technique on cotton and tile!

  • Tie Dye Shirt - If you’re looking to add funky and vibrant colours to your wardrobe, this is the project for you!
  • Watercolour Coasters - Before you kick your lackluster coffee table to the curb, try this crafty DIY trick to spruce it up. Use bold and brilliant Watercolour Coasters using Sharpie markers.

Be inspired to doodle with Sharpie and apply your completed creation to a new canvas.  Start with one of these classic projects:

  • Painted Rocks – Rock painting is simple, serious fun for everyone. All you need are stones and Sharpie Paint markers to create bold, colourful designs that will wow your friends!
  • Sharpie Easter Eggs – Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition for many but the process of dying and dripping can get messy. This Easter, forget the mess and express your creativity using Sharpie markers instead!
  • Sharpie Gift Tags – Make your gifts extra special by creating one of a kind gift tags, personalized for friends and family
  • Wrapping Paper - Whether someone is celebrating a birthday, tying the knot, welcoming a baby, or graduating, it’s the perfect occasion to wrap their gift with your personal touch.

Want to simply express your creativity? You can try your hand at bullet journaling, hand lettering or Zentangle using the bold, beautiful colours of Sharpie.

  • Zentangle - Zentangle is a fun, easy to learn, relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.
  • Bullet Journaling - Bullet journaling is a smart, efficient method to organize your life.. All it takes is a blank journal and a pen. Naturally, Sharpie—with a brilliant array of boldly – coloured inks and versatile tips—has all the right tools for the task at hand!
  • Hand Lettering - Hand lettering is essentially a form of draftsmanship that fuses the arts of calligraphy, sketch and drawing. Once you’ve mastered the BASIC LETTERING TECHNIQUES, you’re ready to get in on this growing craze with awesome creations of your own!

By Staples Canada

April 23, 2020