10 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Do you want to give your loved ones a pleasant surprise this Christmas - apart from the main gift? Put unique and interesting items in their stockings this year. It is often the smaller and unexpected gifts that put a big smile on the recipient's face. Here are ten unique stocking stuffer ideas for this Christmas:

1. Action figures: Preteens love action figures. The actions figures that are popular this season include Ironman, Hulk, Thor and other superheroes from the Avenger series. Try to buy the latest action figures that every other kid is playing with.

2. Makeup items: Women and teenage girls are always happy to receive makeup items as gifts. Give them a vanity mirror, compact powder, lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow applicator or lip gloss this Christmas.

3. Remote controlled toys: Children love to play with toys remote-controlled toys. Miniature remote controlled toys are especially suitable for children and make ideal gifts for Christmas. Some of the RC toys that are popular this season include remote-controlled helicopter and racing cars (Ferrari, Ferrari F1 and McLaren P1) and monster trucks.

4. Drawing, arts and craft: For the budding artist in your home, art and craft essentials like colour art markers, art pencils, coloured pencils, crayons or art supplies are great stocking stuffers.

5. Gift cards and vouchers: If your teenage children like to buy their own gifts from their favorite store, then give them gift cards or gift vouchers. Place the card inside a purse or a box so that they won't be able to guess until they actually open it.

6. Cosmetic jewelry: Cosmetic jewelry make good stocking stuffers for teenagers, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

7. Designer sunglasses: Have your teenagers been pestering you for sunglasses? This is the time to give them what they want - packed neatly inside stockings on Christmas Day. Before buying sunglasses, find out what brands they prefer.

8. Smart watches: Teenage boys like to show off wearable electronic gadgets to their friends and peers. So stuff a smart watch for your teenage son in a stocking this Christmas.

9. Computer accessories: Computer accessories like a USB flash drive, a wireless mouse and earphones make good stocking stuffers. Make sure that the recipient is in need of them before buying one. Since they can be damaged easily, pack them along with the boxes they come with.

10. Wall decals: Wall decals are good choices for stocking stuffers, especially for teenagers. They will be delighted to receive decals with pictures of their favorite singers, musical bands and film stars. Boys also love decals with pictures of racing cars, bikes and other trendy machines.

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By Shondell Varcianna

December 12, 2014