10 Household Uses for Baby Oil

Whether you’ve just brought your bundle of joy home from the hospital, or your “little baby” is a toddler or school-aged, you may still have some baby products in your home. Baby oil is often used to sooth little ones after a bath, and gives baby’s skin a pleasant scent. However, there are also some other uses for baby oil that give you even more reason to keep a bottle or two around. Here are 10 practical household ways to use baby oil.

1. Fixing Squeaky Door Hinges 

If you notice that your doors squeak each time you open and close them, put a little baby oil on the hinges to lubricate them. It’s a quick, effective fix that cost little to nothing.

2. Bath Oil

If you want to make sure that your skin is silky smooth after a bath, add some baby oil to your bath water. The oil helps to get rid of dead skin cells, and you may not need as much lotion after your bath.

3. Eye Makeup Remover

Baby oil is an effective eye makeup remover. Dab some oil on a cotton ball and wipe it across your eyes before washing your face to make sure that all your mascara and eye shadow is removed at the end of the day.

4. Temporary Tattoo Remover 

If your child has come home from a birthday party with a temporary tattoo, or “tattooed” themselves while playing dress up, you can easily remove the body art with baby oil. Just apply the oil to the tattoo and gently rub it off.

5. Cuticle Oil

Apply baby oil to your cuticles to keep them soft and prevent dryness. This little tip will keep your manicure looking its best for just a little longer.

6. Foot Moisturizer

Rub your feet with baby oil, then put on thick socks before bed. You’ll find that your feet are soft and moisturized in the morning. This tip is especially helpful in the winter, when your skin is naturally drier.

7. Paint Remover 

If you’ve been painting a room in your home and find that you can’t get all the paint off your hands and arms, try a little baby oil. Rub the oil in a circular motion, then rinse it with soap and water. The stubborn paint residue should come off easily.

8. Stainless Steel/Chrome Shiner 

If you have chrome appliances or want to make your stainless steel sinks shine, add a few drops of baby oil to a soft cloth and wipe gently. Baby oil works well on chrome and stainless steel to make your items look like new.

9. Soap Scum Repellent 

Soap scum can be pretty difficult to remove. With baby oil, you can avoid soap scum buildup in your bathroom by applying the oil to the shower door and shower curtain. Wipe off any excess oil, and let the oil do the work of repelling the scum and giving your shower a pleasant scent.

Now that you know some of the other ways that baby oil is useful, you may just put it back on your shopping list!

Picture by Sameer

By Shondell Varcianna

April 15, 2016