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Man at whiteboard with post-it

Scrum Methodology

  1. Start with Post-It' Super Sticky Dry-Erase Surface.

  2. Use a Post-It' Full Adhesive Roll to make a 4-column grid: Tasks, To Do, In Process and Done.

  3. Write all project to-do's on Post-It' Super Sticky notes.

  4. Assign and track your-to-do's by moving notes.

Man at whiteboard with post-it


  1. Have the team come up with ideas as fast as they can and write them down on a Post-It' Super Sticky Note.

  2. Stick notes on a Post-It' Super Sticky Easel Pad to keep track of them.

  3. As a team, go through each idea.

Woman at whiteboard with post-it

SWOT Analysis

  1. Use Four sheets of a Post-It' Super Sticky Easel Pad to divide your subject into categories; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

  2. Brainstorm ideas for each category.

  3. Use the list to analyze promising options or risky choices.

Man at whiteboard with post-it

Mind Mapping

  1. On a Post-It' Super Sticky Dry-Erase Surface, draw a large circle, write main ideas or problems in the center of it.

  2. Draw branches to subtopics or ideas that are most important and use Post-It' Notes to flesh them out.