Poppin office supplies and home office furniture mix and match for colorful work at home, in the office, or at school. With a complete coordinating collection including filing cabinets, notebooks, and pens, you can start working happy everywhere.

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Desktop Organization

Mix, match, and stack our desk organizers and drawer organizers to find a place for everything. With colorful desktop trays, desk organizers, and more, you’ll never lose that Very Important Receipt again.

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Notebooks + Writing

Colorful notebooks, planners, and pens help you find the perfect place for all of your bright ideas. With on-trend shades and metallic accents, you can show your style with every click of your pen.

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Desk Supplies

Ever thought your desk would be your favorite place to spend the day? Writing pads, memo balls, staplers, and tape dispensers bring style and modern design to your office or work-from-home desk.

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Storage + Filing

Poppin’s Stow File Cabinet brings a pop of bright color to your workspace—fill it with file folders or your favorite snacks. (Take it from us...the best-selling design even makes filing papers a little bit fun.)

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Work from Home

Create a space that helps you work (or learn!) happy from home with our favorite Poppin picks for a colorful, productive home office. Mix and match colors to create the WFH desk of your dreams.

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The Poppin Collection

Ready to start working happy? Explore all of our colorful picks for everywhere you work. Explore Poppin’s modern office supplies and desk accessories for school, the home office, or your workplace.

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