Microsoft Copilot+ PC

A new AI era begins

The fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever

Power up

With turbocharged NPU powered by Snapdragon® X Elite, your experience is unmatched with lightning speed and smooth performance.

Your new superpower

Accelerate your productivity and creativity with unique Copilot+ PC experiences, powered by Snapdragon® X Elite.1

Powerful value

Spend it on what matters. Feel the power of turbocharged NPU delivering unique Copilot+ PC experiences, with the confidence of advanced security.

Recall instantly

Searching for a document, email or web page on your PC can be time-consuming. Now you can just describe how you remember something and Recall will find it, instantly. 2

*Recall is coming soon through a post-launch Windows Update. See

Create with Cocreator

Everyone has an imagination and an ability to be an artist. Describe or draw your vision with text or image prompts and watch Cocreator generate an interpretation of it.

Effects that enhance your calls

Improve lighting and blur distractions in the background during video calls. When presentation matters, turn on Windows Studio Effects.

Connect with Live Captions

When you never miss a word, you never miss a beat. Get accurate subtitles in real time with automatic live captions.3

All day. All night.

What is power without endurance? With all day battery life, you won’t just be faster than air—you’ll be lighter, too. 4

Turbocharged NPU

Why follow when you can set the pace? With an NPU on the Snapdragon® X Elite processor, you'll have 45 trillion operations per second to work with. Now that's a power move.

Built in peace of mind

Uniquely designed for secure AI performance, Copilot+ PCs safeguard your most sensitive information so you can be in control of protecting what’s yours.

* Pre-release screen shown; subject to change.
[1] Availability of Copilot+ PC features varies by device and market.
[2] Optimized for select languages (English, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Content-based and storage limitations apply. See
[3] Currently supports translation for video and audio subtitles into English from 40+ languages. See
[4] Battery life varies significantly by device and with settings, usage and other factors. See device manufacturer web site for more information.