Hybrid Certified

Expert solutions to help you thrive in the new world of work.

Mila Taillefer

Full-time creative, in hybrid mode. When my office is well organized, it is also well organized in my head! This room is where the magic happens and where all my projects come to life! With Staples certified hybrid products that optimize my productivity and comfort, I am more focused, creative and motivated. For me, it's a great investment in my well-being.


Mila's Top Picks

Audrey Beliveau

Making my home office more welcoming, but also ergonomic and functional, is a priority for me! Because you need the right tools and organization to feel good about hybrid work. My office space, but also my hobby space, is tailor-made not only for my practical needs, but also to feel inspired. In fact, I love to be there with a good coffee, my music and my favorite scented candle.


Audrey's Top Picks

Mathieu Pellerin

As a full-time content creator, I am fortunate to make a living from my passion and to be immersed in the world of entertainment and video games. Staples is a creator's paradise: computers, monitors, cameras, microphones, all the good tools in one place! Thanks to their vast selection of technological products, I am well equipped to stay connected for long hours while enjoying my work environment adapted to my needs.


Mathieu's Top Picks

Marianne Plaisance

As a content creator I work anywhere and everywhere. With Staples' "hybrid certified” products, I am able to work from anywhere with ease without skipping a beat.


Marianne's Top Picks