Introducing Humanscale®

As a pioneer and leader of office ergonomics, Humanscale makes products that allow workstations to adapt to the user, not the other way around. Whether it’s chairs, lighting or keyboard systems, Humanscale creates products that increase workplace wellness and decrease repetitive strain injury, without having to sacrifice style or design.



No two people are alike, and so why are desk chairs one-size fits all? Humanscale chairs deliver exceptional comfort by providing custom back and lumbar support while using the sitter’s body weight to offer the perfect recline and contour to each individual user’s body. Better yet? They’re built to look and feel as good in 10 years, as they do now – so you can keep reaping the benefits for years to come.
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Monitor Arms

Humanscale’s revolutionary new monitor arms were designed with unprecedented adaptability to instantly improve the comfort, health and productivity of any workspace. Personalize your monitor viewing and reduce neck and back strain with these innovative designs.
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Sleeker, easier to use and comprised of more sustainable materials than ever before, Humanscale’s Quickstand sit/stand desk solutions will transform ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.
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Meet Humanscale’s Horizon light. With Thin Film LED Technology, touch dimming, minimal design and a commitment to sustainability, Humanscale is pioneering the field of ergonomic lighting design. It’s no wonder they’ve won the industry’s prestigious Red Dot Award and earned a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.
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Keyboard Systems

In many ways, a keyboard support is the heart of an ergonomic workstation. As reach and vision drive posture, Humanscale’s keyboard trays allow the user to sit in a healthy, neutral posture through bringing the keyboard and mouse to the user in an ergonomic position.
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