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How will you be using a scanner?

Photo Scanning

Scan, save and organize photos, postcards, panoramas, film and more. Photo scanners deliver outstanding-quality scans to capture important moments. Flatbed and batch scanning options available.

Document Scanning

Maximize productivity with fast, efficient high-volume scanning for your home or small office. Features include 2-sided scanning, versatile paper handling, and data capture and editing.

Mobile Scanning

Compact, lightweight and portable scanners let you scan on the go or wherever your business takes you. Wireless connectivity and battery operation available.

Receipt/Invoice Scanning

Easily scan, digitize and organize receipts, invoices and other critical documents. Integrate your data into spreadsheets or third-party accounting software.

Understanding Scanner Features


Dedicated document scanners feature faster speeds and less downtime than alternative scanning solutions, where other active functions can hamper scan time. In addition, document scanners generally scan at higher speeds than photo scanners, since scanning documents does not require high resolution or colour depth. However, high-speed photo scanners allow users to scan multiple photos in seconds without compromising quality, colour or richness.

Image Quality

Dedicated scanners provide crisp, vivid images with minimal distortion; in contrast, scanning with mobile devices may result in shadows and other image distortions. Scanner resolution also affects image quality, but it should be considered alongside other factors, such as speed. A higher-resolution photo scanner can produce vibrant color scans of exceptional quality, but at slower speeds. Conversely, a high-speed document scanner can process large batches in minutes, but at lower resolution.


A scanner's ability to accommodate different types and sizes of media allows for versatility in a dynamic environment. Moreover, with features such as double-sided scanning and auto document feeding, the reliability of a scanner's paper feed is critical to avoiding interruptions in paper handling, such as paper jams. Dedicated scanners feature detection technology that allow for smother feeding versus multifunction printers, where double feeds can frequently occur.

Document Management Solutions

Document management software allows you to easily capture, store and organize critical documents. Scanners with TWAIN compatibility enable you to scan directly into TWAIN-compliant applications, streamlining your workflow. And, with optical character recognition (OCR) software, you can create editable text files as well as searchable PDFs. You can also extract and categorize data from receipts and invoices, integrating it into spreadsheets or third-party accounting software.

Network Connectivity

Connectivity features such as Ethernet and wireless networking allow multiple devices to share a single scanner—this allows for both easy workgroup sharing and convenient scanner placement, ideal for small business and home office environments. Network connectivity can also provide versatility, allowing users to connect with their mobile devices as well as scan to cloud storage services.

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