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Gifted moments become powerful memories.

Notes of Nostalgia.

We're for flashbacks at your fingertips. The cheerful scent of home, a meaningful moment to journal, or a cozy cup of joy: whatever lights up that festive feeling and ignites your productivity, there’s plenty to go around.

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Powered by memory

We love memory that lasts. So we’re maximizing your tech’s potential with faux leather finishes that keep your gear secure and compact. Storing your memories and keeping your devices fueled has never felt so good.

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Giftable. Memorable.

We’re for giving in the present moment. And we’re making gifting effortless with great notebooks, cozy blankets, and stylish bags. There’s really no need to change the classics — the keepsakes that just keep on giving.

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Fun favourites.

Shop a wide range of everyday products built to power your work and day to day. Whether you’re looking for the best tech equipment like power banks, phone cases, or wireless chargers or for eye-catching modern office decorations like leather mouse pads, desk pads, and laptop sleeves General Supply Goods + Co has you covered. Optimize your commute with the coolest tote bags and backpacks, and stay hydrated with simple water bottles made to match your style. So no matter what you’re looking for, turn to General Supply Goods + Co for the best version.