Data Protection, Recovery & Cloud Services

Your data is the most important part of your device. When transferring your data to new media or a new device, it is important that all of your data is safely transferred.

Our team of experts can professionally back up, transfer and/or migrate your data to a variety of media types, including USB flash media, external hard drives, or your computer.

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Your information is priceless. Let us recover it for you.

Have you accidentally deleted important files or experienced a hard drive failure?

No more worries. Our multi-level data recovery approach ensures that you will pay the lowest possible price for complete recovery, and receive a complimentary, size-appropriate storage unit.

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The ultimate solution for protecting, managing and sharing your data in the Cloud. Back up your computers, sync your files, and share anytime, anywhere with the all-in-one Staples Online backup package.

  • Easy to install, easy to use, and runs transparently in the background
  • Synchronize files across multiple locations and devices
  • Files are backed up instantly, every time you save
  • Automatic versioning of files for date-based recovery
  • Data is protected with two layers of strong encryption
  • Fast and efficient with no bandwidth limits and keeps you in control
  • Manage multiple users from a single account
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