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School Information

School Name:
(Street Number, Address, City, Postal Code)
Telephone Number:
School Board Affiliation:
Grade Level:
(i.e. K-8, 9-12, etc.)
  Please tell us if your school is a past finalist or winner of the Staples Superpower your School Contest or Recycle for Education Computer Lab Contest.
  If you are a past finalist or winner, tell us what year your school was recognized.

School Employee Information

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Principal Information


Before completing the entry form, refer to our helpful Step-by-Step Entry Guide. In questions 1 and 2 make sure to:
  • Focus on the unique work that your school does. Be sure to stand out!
  • If your school has environmental certifications, feel free to include these; however, be sure to focus on explaining the details of the specific projects and programs that helped your school earn these certifications.
  • Tell us how your school involved and educated the school community and local community in your environmental projects and programs.
  • Include data and results wherever possible that show a) the positive environmental impact your school has made and b) school and community involvement.

Question 1

What does your school do to help the environment? Tell us about your school’s creative & innovative environmental projects and programs. (Maximum 250 words)

250 Words Remaining

Question 2

Tell us about your school’s most important environmental project or program. (Maximum 250 words)

250 Words Remaining

Question 3

Provide a summary of the technology your school needs and why. How will your school use the new technology to further its environmental and educational work? Include a specific environmental project or initiative in your response. (Maximum 200 words)

200 Words Remaining

If you're having issues with the form or have additional questions about the contest, please e-mail powereco@earthday.ca.
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