Surveillance & Security

Protect your customers, employees, and inventory with surveillance cameras that work indoors and outdoors to provide a complete picture of daily events. The cameras show you where inventory and cash thefts occur so that you can reduce your losses. A large selection of camera views and functions provides an option for every budget.

Deter Theft and Fraud
Shoplifting, fraudulent accidents, and unscrupulous employees all make a serious dent in your profits. Deter thieves by placing security cameras in visible locations so that shoppers and employees know they are being watched. Use the information gathered by the cameras to determine whether more security is needed in a particular area or whether a product line should move to a more visible location.

Record for Proof
When an accident happens in your business, the issue of blame depends heavily on eyewitness testimony. Connect security cameras to a recording system to create an unbiased account of events that lead to a slip-and-fall. Recordings also back up your decision when you need to discipline or fire an employee for malfeasance.

Variety of Angles and Mounts
Match these security cameras to your budget and your needs by choosing one that views only your most important locations. Static-view single cameras offer a value-priced option for businesses that need to monitor a small space. Packages with multiple cameras allow you to view several areas at once, and optical-zoom cameras let you take a closer look. Select a wired or wireless mount that works with your business network.

Indoor or Outdoor
Indoor security cameras monitor customers' movements, and outdoor cameras help you set up a safe perimeter after normal business hours. Weatherproof casings protect the cameras, and night-vision options capture details in the darkness. Choose an outdoor camera with a microphone and speaker option if you need to speak with individuals before letting them into buildings and guarded areas.