Linking two or more computer devices together for the purpose of storing and sharing data (computer networking) can be done with a combination of hardware and software, including wireless routers and high-capacity network-attached storage devices, all available at Staples.

Set up a client/server or peer-to-peer local area network (LAN) for your home, business or institution using wireless networking technology, protect it using network firewalls, and upgrade older devices to connect to your network using USB adapters.

We stock a wide variety of network antennas, range extenders and network repeaters to improve your Wi-Fi signal's effective range and strength. Reliable brands such as ASUS, LaCie, Linksys, Western Digital, D-Link, TP-LINK, and Netgear are all available at Staples and can be compared by price, brand and customer rating to ensure you get the correct product for your needs.