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Headphones & Earbuds

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Earphones and wireless headphones focus sounds while reducing or cancelling out surrounding noise. Earphones are wired devices that transmit sound and wireless headphones supply the same sound without wires.

Ergonomic Design
Choosing a comfortable fit is essential for wearing earphones and wireless headphones all day. Earphones, ear buds and ear headphones fit in the ear canal and come in various colours and designs. The more comfortable options have soft ear pads and flexibility for a snug fit in the ear canal. Earphones and wireless headphones are lightweight but carry intense sound.

Full Sound
Playing music at your desk creates competing sounds in the workplace. With noise reduction headphones, your senses focus on the desired sound without disturbing the rest of the workspace. Small earphones still transmit as robust a sound as the larger options without the bulk, and bass boost and volume control are also available.

Using earphones and wireless headphones isn't limited to listening to music as these devices plug into headphone jacks on devices to transmit sound. Wired earphones have longer cords that allow mobility while working at your desk. Make phone calls using the microphone as a phone receiver, and engage the push-to-talk feature to transform your device into a two-way radio. Smartphones paired with wireless headphones can also be used as phone receivers, and teleconferencing while using the microphone to speak allows attendees to hear from you.

Stylish Selection
Choosing earphones over wireless headphones is a matter of personal preference. Earphones, ear buds and ear headphones fit in the ear canal and come in various colours and designs. Wireless and wired headphones also come in different sizes, styles and colours. Select the right headphone for your device, and customize them with ear clips and interchangeable parts.

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Pure Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds by M
Item : SS7042338
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  • Lithium Battery gives you up to 4 hours of music play time and up to 5 hours of talk time
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Technology for more security and faster transfer rates
  • Built-in microphone for hands free communication
As low as 39.99 $39.99
Multiple options available
Xpert DJ Headphones with Mic by M
Item : SS6071480
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  • Foldable compact design provides extra flexibility, portability, and durability
  • Connect to almost any audio device (including iPods, iPads, and iPhones) with the attached 3.5 mm cable
  • Inline Pause/Play track control gives you quick and easy control of your music and the inline microphone lets you take and make phone calls
As low as 24.99 $24.99
Multiple options available
Xcentric Extra Bass Audio In-Ear Earbuds with Microphone by M
Item : SS4376149
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  • High performance 3.5mm audio earbuds
  • Ultra comfortable noise-isolating ear tips
  • Includes: Small, Medium & Large soft rubber ear cushions
As low as 19.99 $19.99
Multiple options available