Lawn Care & Equipment

Build your collection of lawn and garden equipment to tackle those landscaping, gardening and lawn care tasks on your to-do list. Ease heavy loads with a trusty wheelbarrow, or tackle yard waste with chippers, leaf blowers and compost bins. Your garden gets a healthy boost with garden sprayers, pruners and hoses. Shovels, rakes and hoes help you manage larger tasks. If you're outfitting your entire garden shed with tools, save money with Staples' free shipping for orders over $45 before tax.

Easy Maintenance

Simplify your lawn and garden care routine with basic yard tools. Clean up your yard with a fan rake, or speed up the job with a leaf blower. Keep shovels and hoes on hand for summer garden care. Wheelbarrows come in handy for moving rocks, mulch and other materials for landscaping jobs. Add one to your tool shed to lighten the load when heavy jobs come up. With Staples' price match guarantee, you know you're getting the best price for your basic lawn care tools.

Eco-friendly Care

Turn yard waste into nutrient-rich material in a compost bin. Choose from different sizes and types of compost bins to match the amount of waste you produce. Rain barrels capture natural rainfall to save you money on watering landscaping and gardens. With numerous style options available, you can find a rain barrel that blends in with your landscaping. If you decide a different style would work better, use Staples' free online returns feature to return it without a trip to the store.

Power Tools

Cross off items on your to-do list faster with outdoor power tools. Electric power washers clean dirt and grime from fences, patios, siding and other exterior surfaces that need a cleaning without manual scrubbing. For larger cleanup jobs, get a chipper and shredder to get rid of branches quickly. If you realize your yard job is bigger than you thought, take advantage of Staples' buy online, pickup in store option to get the power tools you need quickly.