Laminating Machines & Supplies

Laminating Machines and Supplies- Versatile and Practical

Minimize the amount of wear and tear that paperwork encounters by coating it in a thick sheet of laminate. We carry laminating machines and supplies from brands like GBC, Acco, and Avery for a wide array of laminating needs. Laminating machines are ideal for businesses of all sizes as well as teachers and hobbyists.

Quick Process
Choose from top-notch, hot or cold laminating machines for your office. Cold lamination requires minimal prep time, making it a cinch to laminate a brochure for a last-minute marketing meeting or prepare an ID badge for a surprise visitor.

Easy to Use
Laminating pouches have a simple, user-friendly design and do not always require a machine. Laminating machines are versatile devices that coat documents of various sizes with a thick layer of protection against the elements. Select a machine with an automatic pouch-thickness detector, or slide the adjustable switch on a manual machine to set the device to the size of your choice.

Cut Costs
Keep your company's budget in line by laminating documents that employees frequently use. Keep a hole puncher on hand so laminated documents are ready for use in binders or notebooks.