Create crustless quiches, refreshing smoothies or chewy chocolate chip cookies with innovative kitchen products that are easy to operate and maintain. Grind almonds for homemade nut butter in a powerful processor, or whip egg whites to perfection with a hands-free stand mixer. Present your completed creations on gleaming serveware or durable dinnerware, and place the uneaten pieces in sturdy storage containers that conveniently fit in your refrigerator or pantry.

Portable Appliances
Enjoy the sunrise while sipping a steaming mug of coffee or a refreshing glass of juice made from dependable kitchen appliances manufactured by trusted brands such as Keurig and Cuisinart. Impress co-workers at your office potluck with bacon-wrapped meatballs kept warm in a slow cooker, or prepare a romantic meal away from home with a portable fondue pot. Compact, lightweight appliances reduce prep time and fit easily into suitcases or tote bags, so you can prepare your favourite dishes wherever you go.

Quality Craftsmanship
Confidently crush ice in your blender, or brown beef in your non-stick cookware, when you stock your home with quality kitchen products. Durable dinnerware supports heaping portions of pasta or steak without cracking or chipping, while sturdy stainless flatware helps you enjoy every delicious bite. Stir a boiling pot of soup with a heat-resistant ladle or spoon, and carefully transfer fresh-baked cookies from the baking pan to the cooling rack with resilient spatulas.

Contemporary Features
Prepare meals and beverages that suit your lifestyle by choosing kitchen products with innovative features. Distribute heat evenly during cooking by choosing pots and pans with forged aluminium bodies, or embrace a low-fat diet by using non-stick cookware for oil-free meal prep. Wake up to hot coffee, thanks to an automated appliance, and quickly defrost meat or cook vegetables in a microwave with pre-programmed settings.