Kitchen Tools & Utensils

Handle your kitchen prep and cook with ease when you have the right kitchen tools and utensils for the job. Sharp knives allow you to slice and dice with precision and safety, while measuring cups and scales make sure you follow your recipes exactly.

Sharp Cutting Tools
Choose the right knife for the job to make your cooking and presentation tasks easy, whether you need a mushroom knife, cheese knife, steak knife or boning knife. Practical knife blocks let you keep these sharp kitchen tools and utensils safe and ready for use, while cutting boards in all shapes and sizes help you protect your countertops.

Efficient Peelers, Graters and Slicers
Protect your hands from sharp edges with graters and slicers designed for precision cutting. Shave chocolate or cheese into slices so thin you can see through them, or use a veggie slicer to create curly vegetable fries that your kids are delighted to eat. Garlic presses, pizza cutters and egg slicers are other practical kitchen tools and utensils that make your time in the kitchen quick and efficient.

Precise Measuring Tools
Liquid measuring cups provide multiple gradations to let you follow any recipe with ease. Scoop out just the right amount of coffee with measured coffee scoops, or reduce pressure on your hands by choosing ice cream or ice scoops. Other kitchen tools and utensils, such as kitchen scales, give you exact control over what you're eating.

Practical Cooking Aids
Kitchen tools and utensils make tough tasks simpler. Flip your pancakes at just the right moment with an ergonomic pan scraper, and use a high-heat spatula-style scraper to get all the batter out of the bowl. Salad servers can double as tongs when needed, and soup ladles let you serve warm comfort food with no mess in your kitchen.