Kitchen & Table Linens

Spruce up the look of your dining area with kitchen and table linens in an array of colours and styles. Choose matching aprons to give your catering service a professional look that impresses potential clients, or select pot holders and oven mitts to protect your hands during the preparation process. Dining tables get a new lease on life with decorative tablecloths, and matching napkins put the perfect finishing touch on the meal you serve.

Protect Your Clothes
Select kitchen and table linens such as handy aprons with pouches to provide your wait staff with a place for order pads, pens and tips, or choose heavy-duty vinyl aprons to keep your dish washers dry and comfortable during their shifts. Disposable polyethylene aprons keep you sanitary while preparing food without the need to launder them each time you cook.

Protect Your Skin
Choose silicone oven mitts and pot holders for a modern way to prevent dropped dishes and burns. Convenient stay-cool handles that clip onto multiple cookware options let you easily move pots and pans from the cooktop to the table, while long quilted mitts make it safe and simple to remove baked goods from the oven. Baker's pads, trivets, and other tough-wearing kitchen and table linens help protect your counters against the heat of freshly cooked dishes.

Dress Up Your Table
Choose tablecloths in a wide array of styles and colours to project the perfect vibe in your dining area. Select classic white kitchen and table linens with floral motifs, and discover disposable, colourful paper options perfect for casual gatherings or children's parties. Elegant runners work great on buffet lines, and coordinated place mats and napkins make it easy to create a cohesive look.